Video Trailer: 2007 49ers

Coming Soon, to a TV near you… 


~ by 49ersNews on July 16, 2007.

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  1. 12 inch boner

  2. Damn Right, thats what Im talkin Bout!…..WERE BACK!

  3. KOOL…I expect no less than 6 TD’s from VD. Damn I wish I could go to training camp or preseason games. Does anyone have honor? I know that they were giving tickets away for a training camp scrimmage.

  4. Very good blog, very rich nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

  5. not me….I just want the Traitors to quit stalling and sign Jamarcus Russell soon. Al Davis is such a drama queen….he should do them a favor and check into a retirement home.

  6. This was on about the 49ers camp preview.

    Three Burning Questions

    1. Can these guys really contend?
    Yes, they will be contenders in the mediocre NFC West. No, this team is not ready for the Super Bowl. The influx of talent will surely translate to more victories, but the Niners couldn’t fill all their holes. The quarterback position is still very much a work in progress and Frank Gore isn’t going to sneak up on anyone this year. The defense should be better, but not strong enough to carry the entire team. The NFC West is winnable and the future in San Francisco should be very bright, but this looks like a nine-win team at most.

    Camp battle to watch
    Inside linebackers Patrick Willis vs. Derek Smith
    The 49ers know what they have in Smith. He is a solid, hard-working guy who makes his share of plays and is not a major liability on the field. But, they still could not pass on Willis in the first round of the draft. Willis has a great nose for the football and runs extremely well. He has a great motor and wants to be great. Of course, Willis is just a rookie and it might take some time to catch up with the speed of the game at this level, but he wasn’t drafted this high to watch from the sidelines. Mike Nolan might see glimpses of Ray Lewis, whom he coached in Baltimore, in Willis and could build his defense around this young playmaker. 2. How much better will the defense be?
    Considering it has been rather awful since Mike Nolan has been in charge of the team, it almost has to be improved in 2007. There is certainly a lot more talent on that side of the ball than at any other point in the Nolan regime, and he is an excellent guy to get the most from that talent base. This group was so far down compared to the elite defenses in the league that getting up to the middle of the pack should be considered a success story in 2007. Yes, the 49ers will be better and switching to a 3-4 allignment will certainly help, but don’t expect San Francisco’s defense to rank among the top units in the NFL.

    Can Alex Smith get it done?
    Smith has the looks of being an adequate system quarterback who can be the caretaker of an offense. He probably will never be able to put a team on his back and carry it to victories, but he is very intelligent, will make good decisions and distribute the football. Although many might not be excited about that evaluation of a quarterback who was drafted first overall, with the dearth of quality players at the position around the NFL, San Francisco could certainly be in worse shape. Smith will continue to make mistakes this season, but those will be corrected with more playing time. Although he will never command a team like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, he should eventually turn into a solid starter.

    The player under the microscope

    Nate Clements. The newly signed Clements is one of the highest-paid defensive players in the NFL. That warrants having the spotlight all over him. The 49ers are expecting a lot for their investment. He is a strong, physical cornerback who possesses excellent speed and quickness. He can be a factor against both the run and pass. Few cornerbacks in the league bring to the table what Clements can, but he really didn’t play all that well in 2005, then drastically stepped up his game as he was in his contract year. San Francisco is hoping it will get the player from 2006, who was exceptional. The NFC West has some outstanding wide receivers and Clements will be severely tested on a weekly basis.

    Fantasy take
    Darrell Jackson is the new No. 1 receiver, and Vernon Davis simply needs more reps to begin his ascent to elite status. Look for both to settle in nicely with Alex Smith during preseason action and to see how an improved passing game affects how defenses stack up against the running game.
    — Scott Engel
    • Complete fantasy coverage Breakout player

    Manny Lawson. As a second-year player, Lawson will have a much better understanding of what to expect at the professional level. He is an ideal fit as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme, which San Francisco will be going to full time in 2007. He has a very long athletic build with fantastic speed off the edge and the athletic ability to play in reverse or in space. Tully Banta-Cain is not a great player, but his presence on the opposite side of Lawson will do both players a lot of good. Lawson has the potential to develop into the feared pass-rusher that San Francisco so desperately needs from the outside.

    Comeback player of the year

    Vernon Davis. As a rookie, Davis missed a large portion of the season with a broken fibula. Before the injury, he was inconsistent, but he did show flashes of becoming a major playmaker. Expect him to fulfill that potential this season; he should quickly become Smith’s first receiving option. Watch for him to begin setting up defenders through his route and stretching the middle of the field. Eric Johnson is now in New Orleans and the Niners will move Davis all over the field to find mismatches. Many are aware of Davis’ immense physical gifts, now expect him to rank among the better tight ends in the entire NFL.

    Offensive philosophy

    Norv Turner is now the head coach in San Diego and he will be replaced as the 49ers’ offensive coordinator by Jim Hostler, who has coached the QBs the past two seasons. The philosophy should not change much in 2007. San Francisco will maintain its power-rushing attack, which will obviously yield great results for Gore. By promoting Hostler, the 49ers will not ask Smith to learn a new offense. This continuity should result in better overall production, but Smith needs to take his game to the next level and Hostler needs to prove that he is capable of being an effective playcaller. Davis will surely be a more prominent part of this passing attack in his second NFL season.

    Defensive philosophy

    San Francisco is switching to a 3-4 defense after using multiple fronts over the past few years as the team transitioned. That transition is complete and the Niners now have the players to run Nolan’s system. The 49ers have some candidates to be a true nose tackle in the odd front, but none are outstanding. Without a quality nose, the defense could suffer greatly against the run, but there is little question that they are much better prepared with all of their offseason acquisitions than they were one year ago, when they had a ton of injuries to their linebacking corps. The defense should be noticeably improved.

  7. I noticed you corrected the article. The original article said that Hostler coached the WRs the past two years. There were a few other inaccuracies that pretty much discredited the point of view of thiswriter.

  8. That is because ESPN is all about EAST COAST TEAMS…..take the time to pay attention to the issue and that is that ESPN has an EAST COAST BIAS. They were ALL over the Giants last year…..THE GIANTS. WHAT DID THEY DO? STILL, they were all over that team like white on rice. The Patriots, no matter what they will always be all about the Patriots (ever hear them mention Joe Montana….I heard the guy was pretty good) but they want to hype up Peyton and Tom Brady because they are the poster boys. Peyton didn’t even deserve the MVP of the Super Bowl…..Dominic Rhodes CLEARLY out performed him. I ask everyone to look up the stats for that game and compare. Peyton had a VERY mediocre game while Rhodes had an AWESOME game. Then let’s talk about the Panthers…..ohhhh my god they are going to the super bowl……wait a minute….they didn’t even make the playoffs and were a thorough BUST!!! Now let’s talk about the JETS, YES, the Jets who, with the MANGENIOUS, didn’t REALLY DO ANYTHING. You can consistently see that they like the teams on the EAST COAST and could not care less about what happens on the other side of the country unless you’re arrogant enough to call yourself “Americas Team”. They are also garbage……we have the game wrapped up…..ohhhhh NO, I fumbled the ball when the game is on the line and all I had to do was put it into place for the place kicker…..NOW CAN I HAVE AN EXTENSION WHILE I PLAY A LOT OF GOLF????

  9. this gets me pumped

  10. Espn must not have NFL network and therefore missed that Seattle game where smith carried the team on his back.

  11. Exactly…it’s garbage.

  12. Ryan, did you get my message?

  13. oh yeah, it is all good.


  15. Yahoo Sports is reporting that we signed Staley. Is that true? Any word on the conditions of the deal?


  17. Hey, has the season started yet, if it hasn’t then I am going to sleep through baseball AND soccer.

  18. im goin to trainin camp on the 29th ill give yall a report on what i see

  19. Just like i said a few weeks ago!I predicted 9-7 too.But like i said before i hope Alex Smith will prove me wrong and have a monster season!

  20. Oh man, that video was so sick. Go Niners!

  21. Awesome video. I especially like the ending. Seriously excited about this season. 😀

  22. 15 Inch Boner!

  23. this Video is going on my decked out Niner Myspace Page….OHHH YEAHH, Represent

  24. LET’S GO!!!! I want to fast forward to September 10th already!

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