Staley Agrees to Terms

Update:  Staley, reached agreement in principle on a five-year contract with the 49ers on Monday.  The contract, negotiated by Priority Sports, has a maximum value of $10.74 million and includes $5.6 million in guarantees.  

07.16.07 Per Matt Maiocco the 49ers are close to terms with first-round OT Joe Staley. 

According to there is talk in league circles that the San Francisco 49ers are closing in on a deal with offensive tackle Joe Staley, the 28th overall pick in the 2007 draft.


~ by 49ersNews on July 17, 2007.

53 Responses to “Staley Agrees to Terms”

  1. good stuff

  2. hey here is some good news…..

  3. Great, now lets get busy with the other draft picks. It would be good to have them all signed prior to training camp.
    GO 49ERS Go———-

  4. More Info….

  5. Ryan Stop writing to yourself and creating different names, it’s getting old. You keep creating screenames, agreeing with yourself over and over. (Grow up Child) This site is reserved for True 49er fans. I’m sure you’ll say I’m the SeaHawk fan becuase I agree with that guy. So far I agree with everything he’s said. The guy is right, it’s great having that rivarly between those two teams, all true 49er fans know of that rivarly, and they know how much we hate them!

  6. Danny did you get the message I left you on the previous posting….please read that because I wanted to clarify the situation that ended a little nasty last time.

  7. I meant everything i said and I want you to understand. I’m really a sincere man!

  8. Does anyone know if Marcus Maxwell will report to camp!

  9. Dude, that second line I didn’t say, but yeah, I wasn’t trying to insult Danny at all.

  10. So Ryan, your the sensative, Femanine sincere type! OK!

  11. I heard Marcus Maxwell will report, does anyone else know this!

  12. Does anyone know of marcus Maxwell reporting to camp! Maxwell will be a undiscovered Gem, so don’t let him go 49er! We need one more big receiver!

  13. Ryan everything is fine, I am not mad. With the Jackson blog, no-one else used my name. Therefore, that was all of my writings. You and Shuttle Cock I believe were telling everybody to ignore me, when it was the real me. I am a smart-ass by nature and was making fun of that guy. If you want to call him a guy. Anywho, needless to say I accept you apology and if you were insulted in any way, I apologize to you.

    As I am looking on the new page, it looks like Dip-Shit is able to write in a complete sentence. “Ryan Stop writing to yourself and creating different names, it’s getting old. You keep creating screenames, agreeing with yourself over and over.” Same crap….different person. Like you said before, Ryan, just ignore him. Just keep in mind when you read stuff written by Danny or whoever if they start talking about Jarrett, Cowboys, or real fans love a rival between the 49ers and Seahawks, IT IS NOT ME. I talk about 49ers players. Not what the Buffalo Bills or doing etc.

  14. Should say same crap…same person!

  15. So Cal 49er, I haven’t seen any news on Maxwell.

  16. go staley … it’s time to dump kwame

  17. I second that shit!!!!!!!

  18. Hey, let’s all talk about how much we all hate the Cowboys! Then after that we can cock off to Ryan about all of his secret screen names. Then after that we’ll hate the Cowboys some more. After that we’ll just gibber about some other stupid shit, AND WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!


  20. this web site is gettin hella dumb with yall bitchin bout screen names an shit! can yall just talk niners or wut?? like today i was drivin home from work and some asshole cut me off an i was gonna road rage his ass till i saw a license plate cover that said “NOTHIN FINER THAN A FORTYNINER” so he got a pass and i didnt kick his ass GO NINERS!!

  21. So anyways let’s talk football. Staley being signed is great. Hopefully he will be a great addition to our line. We still have a lot of work to do; getting everyone else signed in less than two weeks. Danny, I hope Maxwell comes in and improves our receiver corps. He had a hell of a season overseas, and he is a big sonofabitch. Go Niners!!!!

  22. Good to see staley is signed!! fuck kwame, time to shit or get off the pot fat boy!! and oh yea why does everyone talk about the seacocks when they just got in our division a few years ago? the real rivalry starts september 10 on monday night against well you know who, a real rival. OR my most hated the st louis lambs>>>FUCK THE LAMBS!!! OOOH I FEEL LIKE LAMB CHOPS TONIGHT!!!

  23. maxwell looked good against some bullshit corners that doesnt mean he can fuck wit the nfls elite…. not sayin hes bad but i honestly dont think he can do that well against the tougher corners… (he hasnt been able to crack the lineup yet and i think its cause he goes against our corners in camp and hasnt been to spectacular…

  24. Bobby Boucher, I think it would dumb for them not to put Maxwell on the roster.

    83 Battle, Arnaz
    WR 6-1 213
    84 Gilmore, Bryan
    WR 6-0 200
    81 Williams, Brandon
    WR 5-11 183
    14 Brewer, C.J.
    WR 6-2 210
    88 Jacobs, Taylor
    WR 6-0 210
    18 Lelie, Ashley
    WR 6-3 193
    89 Hill, Jason
    WR 6’0 204
    82 Jackson, Darrell
    WR 5-11 206
    15 Zeigler, Dominique
    WR 6-2 181

    On average, how many wide-outs are on the roster? Five or Six? Battle is a worker, they need that…every team needs that! Jason Hill they just drafted so he isn’t going anywhere. Traded for Darrell Jackson, so the Niners won’t quit on him anytime soon. Ashley Lelie???? I just don’t know about him. I will count him though! Brandon Williams…does punts and sucks at it! Really good at fair catching! B. Williams will probably get cut next year. Since I have read the Maxwell is a worker, I think Nolan will leave a spot for him. I like Gilmore more than Williams, put can Gilmore match Williams of fair catching abilities 🙂 The rest of the guys of the list are more than likely not going to make it. My best guess would be Gilmore and Jacobs will get the axe, what do you think!

  25. To answer J-one comment, yeah maybe he can’t beat the elite corners, but more than likely he will be going against the opponent’s 3rd or 4th corner. If he can’t beat them he can go on the practice squad. If a player shows improvement, any go coach/manager should see that and help guide him to reach a higher level. Some players don’t have the right mentality to improve at the NFL level.

  26. I don’t think that Gilmore is that bad. I liked what he did on some of the reverses he ran last year. I guess that is the downside of having a more complete roster. Some of the guys that will get flushed out the bottom have potential. They won’t quit on Williams yet, and Hill, Battle,Lelie, and Jackson are a lock. So who we get rid of will be interesting to say the least. You would think that Maxwell will get a chance after overacheiving in the off-season, but who knows?

  27. And training camp this year with Clements, Harris, Lewis, and Lewis( I hope; instead of Roman) will test these guys, and make them much better. It’s all about creating competition on the roster, and Nolan has defenitely done that.

  28. You know, I haven’t got to see Roman play that much. So I haven’t formed an opinion of him. I do like Keith Lewis aggressive play stay and I think Nolan will use him in blitz scheme. The Denver game last year, Lewis was smacking the Broncos around. Going back to WR, I do like Gilmore I just don’t know if he will make it or not? Do any of you guys have tickets to see preseason, scrimmages, or real games this year?


  29. Style not stay


  31. Someone is using my screename, this is bullshit, it’s probably that damn cowboy coc-sucking fan!

  32. I think Maxwell will make a good transition to NFL. With a tight Ass like that, and his strong thighs he’ll get the job done. Ryan I think you would agree! I think his speed and his leverage is his number one attribute.

  33. Maxwell, nice thighs what the Hell! Vinilli any relation to Milli Vinilli! Vinilli and Ryan Stay to football Guys!

  34. Yea, that’s not the only time Ryan and his Gang have given complements on our player! At least their honest! Brutaly honest!(LOL) When is Ashlie Lelie coming back from his injury?

  35. Maybe those two are gettin it on!

  36. Does anyone think we have a shot at the Nfc crown? I think it’s possible!

  37. very cool!!! (happy birthday!!!)

  38. I like the numbers and year… nice deal

  39. […] Staley Agrees to Terms Update:  Staley, reached agreement in principle on a five-year contract with the 49ers on Monday.  The contract, […] […]

  40. I cant wait for someone to replace “The Harable Harris” soon!!

  41. did anyone read this??

  42. I know Kwame really did a number on us last year (with no vasaline), but there is no way he sucks that bad again this year. Right? How on God’s green Earth could he possibly suck that bad again? It can’t happen, so I say he will be better. I know you guys are going to want to kick me in the nuts after reading this, but Nolan is not getting rid of him. Just for the record, I AM NOT DEFENDING HIM! Please don’t get it twisted!

  43. You know what i wanna know?Who is going to get the francise tag next season?Harris Smiley.And does anyone know who the are the 49ers free agents next season?

  44. Here are a few i know about,.T.E.-Billy Bajema,O.T.-Harvey Dahl,D.E.-Marqes Douglas,R.B.-M.Hicks,Q.B.S.Hill,O.L.B/DE-R.Green,O.T./D.T-D.Duckett,W.R.-T.Jacobs,D.T.- I.Sopoaga,C.B.-D.Strickland,L.B.-C.Bockwoldy,D.E./D.T.-S.Rayburn,O.T.K.Harris,O.G.-J.Smiley,O.G.L.Allen and D.E./D.T.-B.YOUNG. are all free agents next season that i know about.That is a good question on who are we going to tag.

  45. But if we do tag someone it will be between…..Sopoaga/Harris/Smiley.


  47. medford – don’t act like you know what is going on when you clearly don’t. I hate the way the Giants have been playing this season, but it is not really Sabean’s fault. McGowan and Co. made Sabean sign Zito after Lee and Soriano whimped out on coming here. They also made Sabean re-sign Bonds and make one last push with him before the youth movement. They have realized their errors and are now giving Sabean 2 years to get this ship steered the right direction. Until then I have my NINERS to keep my attention. I’m more of a football fan anyway.

  48. Ryan, I did read that article and when I went to the 49ers/Cheifs game last year, their security patted both the wife and I. We stood there with are arms out. They did it to everyone. I don’t want to get political, but I will make a statement. Its funny, because I love the Niners, but they play in the most liberal city in the U.S. San Fran is the same city that has people that don’t believe in military. The truly believe that you can solve the worlds problems with hugs, kisses, and sugar cookies. The ACLU represented the people that are suing the 49ers. Enough said! If something would have happened to them they would have sued the 49ers for not protecting them. It is a catch-22, damned if you do…damned if you don’t. Those people are a waste of sperm!

  49. Shuttle Cock, I think they will use K. Harris as a backup and then let him go. The sad thing about it is that a team will pick up Harris and sign him to a good size contract because decent tackles are in short supply. That team will also believe that the coaching staff at the 49ers didn’t do enough work with him and their staff can make him the best tackle in the league…You can be a decent tackle and get paid the big bucks. I will say this though, outside of football I have not heard anything negative about him. So if he does move on, good luck to him. Shuttle Cock did I get twisted?

  50. Jerry, if the 49ers are going to use a tag on somebody next year it will be Smiley. If Allen retires next year, tag Smiley, and the guards for the 49ers should be Bass and Smiley. I think it would be dumb for the 49ers to draft and train Smiley and then just let him walk away. I hope that doesn’t happen.

  51. No Danny, you didn’t twist anything. Good conversation. I hope we get some use out of him this year though.

  52. I agree, who else should we tag? Smiley makes the most sense by far and then it will give us time to free up some more salary cap space. I hope Smiley won’t be a slefish idiot like Briggs or Samuel. They would be getting paid well so what are they complaining about? If you are talented then you will have another good season otherwise… pulling what they are pulling you get the impression that they don’t think they can have another good year like they just did and I am NOT convinced that Briggs would flourish without Urlacher there to take the heat from him.

  53. i think you have that backwards with respect to the briggs urlacker comment urlacher=overated

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