Thomas Clayton Next to Sign


The 49ers locked up another draft pick on Tuesday by signing sixth-round pick Thomas Clayton. The length of the deal is for four years, amount of the deal not disclosed.

The 49ers now have four backs locked up. Gore, Robinson, Hicks and Clayton. Out of the four the odd man out most likely is Hicks, that is unless the 49ers carry the four along with Norris into the season.

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~ by 49ersNews on July 18, 2007.

25 Responses to “Thomas Clayton Next to Sign”

  1. Report on Clayton.

  2. So I think Goldston will be next and then Hill. Who knows when Willis is going to be signed. At least the niners are showing me that they want to get down to business and aren’t willing to wait around for Al Davis to do his job. Al Davis…..HA…..committment to nonsense. That guy just doesn’t know when to cash in his chips and lucky for us it is costing the Raiders BIG TIME!!! Ok know let me ask you guys this……Roman is the obvious starter, but if it came down to putting in Vaughn or Goldston then who would you pick. Vaughn has been receiving high praise from the 49ers and he is good special teams player, but Goldston is the higher pick.

  3. here is some more good news….just read past the stuff about Staley (which you already know about), but it talks about how we are going to report to camp with EVERYONE at full health. That is good news and I am hoping that we sign Willis a little sooner than Okoye and Lynch like it in this article….

  4. This is very exciting. I’m heading to a few Training camps. I read that the august 4th session will include a SCRIMMAGE. I will let everyone here know whats up with the team in full gear going at it for the first time. To me it will be the first real preview for the upcoming season, and a chance to see all those ‘competetive’ battles played out. NINERS!

  5. Very nice, I like this cat. I think he could fill the void of a back up to Gore eventually.God forbid Gore goes down, but if he does I think that Clayton could hold us down.

  6. I want to see what Clayton can do, but I agree he would be able to hold us down. However, is Michael Robinson a fullback or a runningback? I am starting to wonder what his situation is on our team. Hicks sounds like he is going to get dumped because we aren’t going to pay him 850,000 dollars for one year….at least I hope we don’t when we drafted Clayton and his legs are much more young and fresh. One good thing about Clayton is that he hasn’t been ran into the ground.

  7. The objective for us is to clear some more room in cap space so we can either re-sign smiley (if we don’t then we play tag with him), otherwise I say go after some d-linmen because it doesn’t look like we are losing anyone signficant besides BY and Allen. We CAN TAG Smiley, Allen is likely to retire along with BY so it sounds like we can dedicate more cap room to more quality players.

  8. I really hope we resign Smiley, but as you have all stated…Mcloughan doesn’t believe in paying high for guards, but this is one guy I wish he would make an exception for. If we don’t get a long term deal in place then it would be smart to tag him so we are given more time to develp depth on our o line before we lose him. O line and D line are our main concerns at the end of this season.

  9. We should sign Chadd Morton and release Hicks.

  10. Unless Clayton is a good kick or punt returner.

  11. use clements as the punt returner. get all we can get for that $80 mil. also use him as backup to a. smith. dilfer dont need his reps

  12. I dont think we should use Clements as a kick or punt returner.Remember what happend to Jason Seahorn?

  13. Zack is right…the 49ers might have paid $80 mil for him, but if he goes down that is $80 mil wasted.

  14. goatfather your a pretty lucky guy…Man I wish I was going to some.

  15. Guys, I think the Niners will use Robinson as a fullback and running back. If the offense is smart they could use him in FB Screens. He has the speed and the bulk.

  16. The fact that Robinson could be a full or half back is great, that only leaves Smith with another weapon. What more do we need on offense? Decent Wr’s, a sick ass half back, solid O line, solid full back n Robinson/Norris, VD speaks for himself(or will this year) I’m feeling real good about this up coming season gentlmen!

  17. I just hope this new offensive cordinator knows what he is doing this season.

  18. Has anyone seen how ripped Clayton is? This cat has an amazing physicque. I tried his leg rountine in the gym the other day, let me tell you, this cat knows his way around a gym (Absolutley brutal)! (Please hold all gay comments) lol

  19. Zack hit on a MAJOR X FACTOR….does our new offensive coordinator know what he is doing because if he doesn’t then we could still be in trouble, but the word around niner land is that they like what they see so I have a feeling that we will be pleased this season. How many carries do you think Clayton will get a game???

  20. haha well shuttle the comment and your name really arnt helping to fight off the “gay” comments…anyway i think clayton could turn into a solid backup to gore. not a homerun hitter but could be pretty good

  21. I don’t think Mo Hicks is going anywhere, and I’m glad. He is a good back and a special teams stud. Our special teams might be really good this year. Everest seems like a good coach, and he probably advised us to pick up Colby Buckwoldt, since he was a special teams stand out in New Orleans. Add Keith Lewis, Mo Hicks, and Buckwoldt together, and it should equal special team success in 07.

  22. hicks as a running back isn’t physical enough and is prone to injury and fumbling therefore he is as we say ghandi and i am indiffenent-robinson and gore in the backfield could be utilized like the backs of the 84 champion niners

  23. I’m not saying put Hicks as our number 2 back. I’m just saying that he adds depth, and adds alot of tackles on special teams. He basically took Terry Jackson’s job on the team. Decent back up, but above average special teams play. Special teams are important. Field position is a big key to the game.

  24. And actually, if you think about it, you could say that Gore is prone to injuy and fumbling as well.

  25. i think that hicks being the odd man out is ridiculous, if they drop anyone they should drop that gore guy he hasn’t really done anything for us and he is injury and fumble prone so we could drop him and have hicks and robinson share carries with clayton as the backup and maybe third down back

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