Goldon Signed

The 49ers signed fourth-round draft pick Dashon Goldson on Monday.Terms of Goldson’s deal weren’t released. He is the fifth of the 49ers’ nine draft picks to sign with the team, which opens training camp next Monday.


~ by 49ersNews on July 24, 2007.

28 Responses to “Goldon Signed”

  1. So we have Willis, Hill, and McDonald and it is done. The thing is we need to pick it up since camp starts in five days. Man, the Raiders are losers….they are taking forever to sign their pick and it is getting REALLY annoying.

  2. Great, lets get the rest signed before Monday opening camp day. I agree the Raiders are loosers and so are the Chargers. The Number One team in California is the 49ers and they are the best in the division. Wait and see Sea birds.

  3. Hey Ryan , isnt there one more besides those you have mentioned I thought we only had 5 out 9 picks signed well anyways if it is 3 or 4 left lets get them in and get them some coin then get them going.I just hope and pray to god that nobody gets hurt during training camp.GO NINERS!!!

  4. Does anyone know the maximum a rookie can be inked for? I hope we lock P Willy down for the max.

  5. russ s.c. oregon yes you are correct we do have four drafty’s left to sign, that running back forgot his name but he was our 7th rounde pick

  6. Actually, the running back Thomas Clayton was our 6th round pick. As for P. Willis we can sign him for at least five years. As for how much money….that is all going to be depending on how much Ted Ginn and the other draft picks get signed. I say Ted Ginn because he was picked before Patrick Willis and is saying that the Dolphins and him are close to a deal. That is awesome considering that Jarmarcus Russell hasn’t signed yet. Usually the draft picks get signed in a domino affect, but since the Raiders front office is incompetent to say the least, other teams are trying to just handle business like the Niners, Steelers, Dolphins, and Saints. Knowing the Raiders they will force a hold out or sign him at the last possible second.

  7. Keep in mind that I have no clue if it would be possible to sign P. Willis to six years, but I have never heard of a rookie doing that. Typically, they do four to five years so they can resign another contract in their prime and get paid the big bucks….like our friend Nate did because the Bills were idiots.

  8. Hey, my girlfriend is on the internet and she just found an article online that says that Matt Leinart is getting sued by his ex girlfriend who is only 21 years old and is STILL LIVING WITH HER PARENTS….she wants ole matty to pay $30,000 a month in child support and he isn’t even disowning the kid or anything.

  9. Also, to everyone who posted that we have 5 out of 9 signed…I have a question. Who don’t we have signed besides Willis, Hill, and McDonald???? Because I was under the impression that we have signed EVERYONE besides them.

  10. that extra pick people are talkin about is the 4th rounder we traded for D. Jackson. so we only have 3 players left to sign

  11. my mistake it wasn’t the pick we traded, this is what it looks like

    1. (28) OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan
    4. (104) DE Jay Moore, Nebraska
    4. (126) S Dashon Goldson, Washington
    4. (135) DT Joe Cohen, Florida
    5. (147) CB Tarell Brown, Texas
    6. (186) RB Thomas Claytona , Kansas St.

    1. (11) LB Patrick Willis, Mississippi
    3. (76) WR Jason Hill, Washington State
    3. (97) DE Ray McDonald, Florida

  12. All those DE’s are LB’s.

  13. waiting for willis…. 5 yr 14mil is what im guessing

  14. I am gay to let you all know. Feels good to get out of the closet

  15. I always knew their was something wrong with this Ryan guy. He probably met this so called girlfriend of his in prison along with his Butt-Smacking Friends on this website! (“Pretty sick”) Lets ignore this sick bastard Ryan and get some real Fans on here who want to talk football!

  16. Lol

  17. I think we may have our draft picks signed given that Jemarcus Russle is suppose to get ready to sign his contract and I’m hearing for 25 mill garanteed, so after that that’s when all the early first rounders will start signing because they’re waiting for Jemarcus Russle to see what he gets.

  18. You can change the name, but we still can tell its just that crazy cowboy idiot. Have fun.

  19. Ryan, I think that the NFL and Union agreed that the max a rookie player can sign is five years after the 3rd pick in the draft. The first three rules are different. Not 100 percent sure, but there are rules.

  20. Oh, I am sure that there are rules, I just don’t know them specifically.

  21. i cant wate till the first game of the season man i love football season GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. lets get on with the dam season already

  23. AMEN

  24. I wonder why, its the teams investment, it should be up to the team. I guess if you pick a bust it would be nice to know he is gone in a few years though.

  25. We’d better get signing soon because the niners are starting training camp on Sunday.

  26. I guarnatee we will have all r picks signed by sunday

  27. check it out…

  28. The San Francisco 49ers announced Thursday that they have claimed and were awarded safety Darnell Bing off waivers from the Oakland Raiders.

    Bing (6-2, 220) spent his entire rookie season on injured reserve after being selected in the fourth round (101st overall pick) of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders. The former University of Southern California safety saw action in all five preseason games last year before suffering a neck injury during the final contest. At USC, Bing played in 37 games with 35 starts for the Trojans in his three-year career, totaling 182 tackles, eight interceptions, three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries.

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