Inside Training Camp

NFL Network is set to air Inside the 49ers Training Camp on Tuesday, July 31st at 8:00pm EST.

8 p.m. — Inside Training Camp
Inside Training Camp 2007: San Francisco 49ers – Take an inside look at a day in the life of the San Francisco 49ers Training Camp from Santa Clara, California. Access includes player and coach wirings as well as inside action of drills, intersquad scrimmages and how players make it through the day


~ by 49ersNews on July 26, 2007.

25 Responses to “Inside Training Camp”

  1. That’s great….but what about the three players who aren’t signed yet? Those players were 3 out of our 4 top draft choices. That is kind of important.

  2. The bucs signed Gaines Adams and he was picked fourth….what are we doing?

  3. Good things come to those who wait. We will be fine, it is just a matter of time my friend.

  4. Chill.. teams usually work to signing their players before their camp begins, with at least a few deals coming before the very day camp starts. For us that’s not until next Monday. No need to panic yet. McNolan know what they are doing

  5. Can someone download it to youtube?I dont have The N.F.L. Network.

  6. Yeah, sorry guys. I am just one of THOSE GUYS who is like, “GET IT DONE,GET IT DONE!” I swear I am not TRYING to be a spaz.

  7. I feel you Ryan, I want to see the deals get done too, but I have faith they will. I can’t hardly wait, we are so close to preseason.

  8. Time to dominate!!!

  9. hey dont worry about the signings remeber we signed VD in the nick of time last training camp so i am not worried. on a new note we are getting some air time on nfl network lets be happy an d enjoy it cause im so sick of hearing about the colts and pats fuck its our time and we will let the nfl the niners are rollin with nolan and we will see post season fuck ya baby

  10. the falcons have signed Jamal Andersen and it sounds like (according to that Marshawn Lynch should be signed by the end of the day. That should give the niners a pretty good idea of what kind of contract to throw at Willis.

  11. The San Francisco 49ers announced Thursday that they have claimed and were awarded safety Darnell Bing off waivers from the Oakland Raiders.

    Bing (6-2, 220) spent his entire rookie season on injured reserve after being selected in the fourth round (101st overall pick) of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders. The former University of Southern California safety saw action in all five preseason games last year before suffering a neck injury during the final contest. At USC, Bing played in 37 games with 35 starts for the Trojans in his three-year career, totaling 182 tackles, eight interceptions, three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries.

  12. an Dave..our camp startz Sunday…not next Monday

  13. I like the Bing pick up. Depth. If I remember correctly the niners were thinkinng of drafting him in 2006.

  14. true

  15. if someone can youtube it, that’d be great

  16. O shit, Bulger missed a mandatory team meeting and wasn’t present in the first day of traning camp.

  17. Jason Hill signed on thursday. We have Ray Mcdonald and willis left.

  18. OK this just fuels the fire that NFL Networks hates everything 49ers. So it was great the things the did for Bill Walsh, but so today is suppose to be Inside Training Camp for the Niners. I tune in and guess what, they have pushed it! Now you think, ok it must be because of the death of Walsh, understandable. But guess what they put in the place of it, of all things Dallas!! That is right, the main enemy of the 4ers of the 80’s. That is so nice.

  19. NFL Network sucks. I waited at 5 PST and Dallas Training camp aired (who cares). Waited again at 8 pm pst and again a re-run of the Cowboys. Why wouldn’t they honor the schedule and air the 49ers training camp. What a bitch.

  20. I am just so angry about this whole rescheduling thing. I set the DVR and go to watch my 49ers and everytime its the frickin’ Cowgirls! Frickin’ Dallas of all teams! What a slap in my face! Get it right NFL network. Us 49er fans deserve to see our team in Training Camp too!

  21. Does anyone know when or if they will air the 49ers training camp? I set the DVR and saw the Cowgirls also! What a disappointment.

  22. Yeah I’ve been trying to figure this out too. I see it on the guide to air on Saturday but who knows if it will be the f’n Cowboys again. I even emailed NFL network about it but I’m sure they won’t get back to me. Alex Smith was in the NFL QB Challenge and that’s on ESPN tomorrow so set your DVRs for that too. It was nice that they paid tribute to Bill Walsh but obviously a lot of us want to see the Niners at camp.

  23. did anybody find out when the hell they are going to show the 49ers inside traing camp?

  24. They did it again. They were suppose to come on today, and they aired the hall of fame guys and cowgirl mike irvin…..

  25. this is pissing me off it’s not schedulled i can’t find it anywhere all i know this is the suck and…screw the cowgirls!!!

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