Niners Claim Bing

The San Francisco 49ers announced Thursday that they have claimed and were awarded safety Darnell Bing off waivers from the Oakland Raiders.

Bing (6-2, 220) spent his entire rookie season on injured reserve after being selected in the fourth round (101st overall pick) of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders. The former University of Southern California safety saw action in all five preseason games last year before suffering a neck injury during the final contest. At USC, Bing played in 37 games with 35 starts for the Trojans in his three-year career, totaling 182 tackles, eight interceptions, three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries.



~ by 49ersNews on July 26, 2007.

22 Responses to “Niners Claim Bing”

  1. well we proly wont need him much on a count of michael lewis but at least they are still making moves

  2. I watched a lot of USC games down here in Orange County, and I was big on the Niners getting him in 06. Glad they were able to pick him up. What about Simion Rice from Tampa? I heard they just released him.

  3. Who cares….

  4. i like it, see if he can recover and produce anything. he will improve our safty depth. simion rice will not be signed unless he plans on playing LB which is slim to none and he will probably want way more than were gonna offer him. hes a 4-3 end not a 3-4. i dont really remember if he was good in coverage, if he is than its a good signing since he does have talents and mike lewis is going to be used more like a LB around the line of scrimmage like he was used in his best years in philly

  5. the bucs signed Gaines Adams to a six year deal… I guess you can have a six year contract with a rookie. Also, did you guys see that Simeon Rice was released….just a thought.

  6. bing was a beast at SC the raiders tried to play him at linebacker and he isnt a linebacker line him up at safty and bam rock on motha fucka id get rice if we can get him cheap just for leadership and experience to teach the younger guys whats up man i want willis signed so i can stop worring lol i cant wait till the season starts omg i havent been this excited sense i lost my virginity lol 49ers4life

  7. Everyone was mad we didn’t draft him but now we got him for free. Hahahah. That’s how we do.

  8. According to the San Francisco 49ers have agreed to a contract with 3rd round draft pick Jason Hill on Thursday

  9. good stuff, FranktheTank…….here is the link for everyone…

  10. I liked Bing in last years draft and had hoped the Niners would get em 3rd or 4th round…. Very nice pick up for nothing…. And to Ryan, you didnt know a rookie can be signed to a 6 year deal? What do you think A.Smith got signed too….. Bad knowledge…

  11. Yeah, I didn’t know…period….I never looked into the maximum years you can sign a rookie to for their first contract. There were some posts on this website that said that five years was the max….I didn’t know either way…I just WANTED TO KNOW SO I ASKED. I am not blaming anyone, but I don’t consider that particular subject to be EVEN CLOSE to a big deal. Bing IS a great pick up for NOTHING.

  12. According to the San Francisco 49ers have agreed to a contract with 3rd round draft pick Jason Hill on Thursday….

  13. Rice would be a good pick up for us. Bing should be in the mix for a backup position behind michael lewis. Lewis i hope steps it up for us i saw a game on nfl network they reaired from a couple of years ago and lewis didnt look very good at all he missed tackles fumbles coverage brain freezes i didnt look great at all.

  14. Simeon Rice is a good player, but he’s on the decline and has been injured. If he really was that good the Bucs would not have let him go. Not only that but Rice is a 4-3 pass rushing DE, that does NOTHING in a 3-4 unless he wants to play OLB on 3rd down. Sometimes I wonder if you guys even follow schemes.

  15. Dave, there is no reason to be nasty about Rice. Remember, all of these people just want to see the niners succeed….thats it. Some people know things about football that others don’t, but when you hear a big name like Simeon Rice it is only natural to think, “How could this guy help my team?”

  16. Look Ryan, I’m not being nasty about it. The fact of the matter is the people who most blindly get their hopes up over a player are also the ones who are the first to bash the team if we don’t attempt to sign that player and they are sitting there wondering why. I would have assumed most players on this site (even just following the recent draft coverage) would know certain players will fit certain systems and not others. I personally love Simeon. I think he’s a great player, but he has far too many question marks and wants way too much money for us to sign him especially considering he doesn’t even fit our system. He would literally be delegated to being a pass rushing LB in our system. We’re not gonna pay some 30 year old, coming off of a major injury to learn a new system, only to have him on the field a few plays / game. I won’t even say that people have to grab a book and go out there to learn about football. We all watch the same games every Sunday. We all have access to Googling “3-4 vs 4-3” or whatever you wanted to look up.

  17. agreed…but realize there just ARE people who don’t know which players fit what system. However, I agree, the system he would have to learn would be difficult to adjust to this late in his career.

  18. Ryan, you waffle more than IHOP!!

  19. What do you want me to do….get in a pointless argument on the internet that will solve NOTHING and just be a bunch of HOLLOW THREATS. That is what I don’t get about people who argue on the internet….what do you think you are solving by insulting each other over the internet. Trust me, Douchebag, I am 6’4″ and 250. I don’t have any reason to be scared of anyone….I used to be a bouncer and have been in plenty of fights (more than I can count), but what will I solve by being an INTERNET TOUGHGUY???!!!!

  20. Yes i wanted him instead of Micheal robinson last year and now we got both of them…..

  21. Too bad Bing is too slow to play safety and too small to be a linebacker.

  22. rice would b a great addition. f we can get him for cheap then i would want rice. the 9ers were one of the worst teams on 3rd downs defensively so how can an elite pass rusher like rice hurt us? he can also mentor lawson to pass rush

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