One More to Go, McDonald Signs is reporting that the 49ers and third-round pick DE Ray McDonald have agreed to terms. Terms of the contract were not announced by the team.


~ by 49ersNews on July 27, 2007.

14 Responses to “One More to Go, McDonald Signs”

  1. 1 more too go. Almost there

  2. Well Ginn and Okoye just signed their deals today, so the market should be pretty much set, I expect Willis to be in camp by Tuesday

  3. Come on P.WILLIS sign the papers already!!!!!!

  4. ninerkings why do you say Tuesday?? Its Friday and the camp starts Monday, the two picks before him are signed and the pick after him have is signed. Scot and Nolan want their players on time, I say Willis signs tomorrow night or Sunday day when players are supposed to report.

  5. Come mon WIllis you were first draft pick and last to sign, so lets go into camp as a team and all signed and ready to go 49er and GET ROLLEN WITH NOLEN and WILLIS:

  6. Just cause of all the legal crap those goes with it. Even if he signs this weekend the league office probably won’t approve until Monday. I wasn’t saying he would hold out, just that logistically it would be tough to get him by Monday…

  7. It will happen…don’t worry. We aren’t going to fuck around with Willis. He will get what he wants, and so will we. And you can take that to the bank.

  8. I hear you ninerkings

  9. Tuesday….Monday…lol some of u kill me….camp is on Sunday…Willis will sign 2night Saturday by 1159 pm…n tyme for camp…

    Rice n a 3-4…lol we need Jarrett lol…

  10. Ill be in training camp TOMMORROW!!!! I am fuckin pumped!! Ill let yall know what I see…

  11. […] One More to Go, McDonald Signs is reporting that the 49ers and third-round pick DE Ray McDonald have agreed to terms. Terms of the contract […] […]

  12. Patrick Willis is going to sign; hopefully a six year deal. We want this bad-ass around as long as possible. Can’t wait to see him kick ass all pre-season, and take Derrick Smith’s spot on the roster.

  13. i concur mr. boucher-out of the darkness brighter than a thousand suns

  14. 9ers ink willis, yes!!!!!!!

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