Wow…Just Wow

corky.jpgI’m not one to normally bite when someone writes something negative about the 49ers. But after reading an article some hack over at the Bleacher Report wrote predicting the 49ers would go 4-12. I couldn’t resist the temptation. The article itself is titled “Not so Fast: 49ers, Alex Smith Primed to Disappoint.” Now granted most of us can take off our rose colored glasses and admit this year, that the 49ers aren’t going to win the Super Bowl, but to say they only win four games, three less than last season is simply foolish. 

On the Smith side, seriously is it that hard to hand the ball of to Gore. So feel free to visit the link and tell that hack, Kevan Lee, how f’in clueless he is…also ask him when he jumped on that Patriots bandwagon.

Another Hack Who Has No Clue What the F He is Talking About


~ by 49ersNews on July 27, 2007.

18 Responses to “Wow…Just Wow”

  1. This what I wrote to this idiot:

    This has to be a joke. First off, take that poll in the top right of the page and you will see that about 57% think 49ers will win the NFC West. 4-12? Dude, we were 7-9 last year and we have only made improvements. Jackson, Clements, Lewis, Lelie, Banta-Cain are just some of the players we have added to the team. And we got two great players in the first round of the draft, Willis and Staley. We may have lost Norv Turner, but that is it. So tell me, how long have you been on the Patriots bandwagon?

  2. Fuck Dem Haters… this motherfuckers prolly got Mike Holgreens 2 incher in his ass and Marc Bulgers’s in his mouth….This shit just pisses me off…i cant wait till we fuck the cardinals up on opening night… and then week by week show this mothafucha that alex smith is his daddy…

  3. I agree we could be 4-12 but i also beleave we could be 12-4 too,anything is posable.IF!!!Smith dont devolope quickly, defenses are going to start stacking the line to stop the run and Gore will be lucky to have 800 yards and a t.d. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE ALEX SMITH THIS SEASON!!!!We got the defense, now its up to the offense to take the presure of the defense.This is the season to see what Alex Smith has.Will he “RISE”or will he “FALL” the Alex Smith legacy continues!!!

  4. This fucking guy has no clue about anything! Metro piece of shit from Idaho!

  5. Did that guy who wrote this just get done whiping his mouth from all the shit he just talked?Just like i said before we will be 9-7 this anyone going to put the highlights or the whole thing from minicamp on youtube?I dont have nfl net.

  6. it dissapoints me that you said we can all agree that were not going to Win the SuperBowl….hell no, wheres the Faith at??? you have to believe….

  7. Gary…Teams where stacking the line last year an Gore still got off….not a problem…no worries

  8. well look at this guy, what the hell would he know. he looks like he should be covering the world championship of ping pong. fuc this guy…

  9. wow I havent been on this site in a while its good to be back lol
    This guy has no idea what hes talking about. Right now everything is speculation…..this guy is entitled to his own opinion but for me this only adds more fuel to the fire. I cant wait till we go 10-6 or 11-5 and smith has a breakout year…then this guy will eat his own words


  11. if we win only 4 games this year mcnolan would probably et fired i dont see that i predict 9-7 this year.

  12. You don’t have a strong grasp of the game to understand that the 49ers walk into this year a better team. The free agent signings and the development of our younger players automatically makes a better team than the team we were last year. No one ever disputed the fact (even in our 2-14 season) that while the 9ers weren’t that good, we played hard. With Mike Nolan coaching this team and keeping them honest, we’ll have a better team than last year. Absolutely.

    The reality is that Kevan Lee’s comments were based more on prejudice than on fact; which pretty well makes him look like an idiot to most of the people that know what the 49ers are about. Every person that has some football sense has this team contending to win a significant amount of games and to even win playoff games. Kevan Lee’s agenda is pretty transparent. He wants attention folks. He wants attention like a little 3 year old girl. Panzies don’t understand football and they sure as hell don’t understand what it takes to win 5 championships. He actually believes in supporting an opinion that I’m betting probably makes no sense to himself.

    Hey I’m a realist. I think we fall somewhere between the people that say we’re a playoff team and the people that say we’re 9-7. Whatever it is, I know one thing; we’re closer to our sixth championship than most people realize. Go ‘9ers!

  13. The 49ers website just reorted they signed Ray Mcdonald.

  14. What a knuckle head!!!

  15. I read somewhere that last year’s Niners were the statistically worst 7 and 9 team ever. If you think about some of those games, like the Bears and the Chiefs games, you know how little talent they had on defense.

    Having said that, going 7 and 9 with so little talent says an awful lot about how the players have bought into Nolan’s plan.

    I think that talent-wise the Niners are a much, much better team than last year. How much better they go than seven wins depends on Alex Smith and all the receivers. I think that they can get to 10-6, which could be enough to win the division. If the defensive talent jells and the offense can do more than rely on Gore I think that most Niner fans will be happy.

    The guy who wrote 4-12 is a dick.

  16. Gary Johnson your an idiot as well. You say you agree that we could go 4-12 or 12-4 because anything is possible and then try to back that statement up with “IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE ALEX SMITH THIS SEASON!!!!”… You say that teams will stack the box if smith fails and Gore will be lucky to reach 800 yards an 1 TD… Do you realize that last year teams stacked the box against Gore the ENTIRE 2nd half of the season and he still ripped them apart. People can stack the box all day long and Gore will still reach 1000+ yards.

  17. Why did they put lonetexasninerfan’s picture up for this blog? Corky, are you there?

  18. Why do peoople have to keep bashing on Alex Smith? The fact that he survived his first year with no O-line and little help from a struggling team should have said a lot. I watched the guy for years at Utah, he has tremendous potential and could develop into a great quarterback. I just don’t get why so many people put him down, even the “so-called opinionated experts” with their weekly columns. For the record, I am a Dallas fan and wouldn’t even check out the niners postings except for the fact that I am a big time Ute fan and hope that Alex Smith lights it up this year. Stop putting all the shit on the QB! Alex would knock the shit out of most of his haters. Good luck to niners this season.

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