Willis Signed

From Maiocco:

Each of the 49ers’ nine draft picks is under contract and will be available to practice when training camp opens Sunday in Santa Clara.

The 49ers signed linebacker Patrick Willis just prior to midnight Saturday, a 49ers team spokesman said. Willis was the 49ers’ top selection in the draft, the No. 11 overall pick. He will be on the field when the 49ers open training camp Sunday.

Full Story: Signed, Sealed, Delivered


~ by 49ersNews on July 28, 2007.

11 Responses to “Willis Signed”

  1. HELLLLL YEAH! I just got front row 50 yard line tickets to Niners at Panthers game. And I’m going to be on the Niners sideline. It’s only my second game I have ever been to (I live in VA.) News like this gets me hyped. Go Niners!

  2. Willis signed all right. I wonder what he got?

  3. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2953289

  4. JNova80… I’ll be at that game too! I also live in VA, where in VA for you? Can’t wait for that game though I’m the only 49er fan in my group going. Good to know there’s going to be another of the Niner Faithful there too!
    Go Niners!

  5. Negotiating into the night, the 49ers and the agent for top draft pick Patrick Willis reached agreement Saturday on a contract ensuring the former University of Mississippi linebacker’s participation in today’s first training camp practice.

    Willis signed off on the deal shortly before midnight

  6. Ironically, I am also going to the panther game (I live in Raleigh, NC). See you guys there, I’ll be decked out in red!

  7. Hell yeah, guys! I live VA Beach. My brother is a Panthers fan, so it will just be me and him in our group. We will be in section 111 row 1, on the Niners side. I’m so pumped, I have only been to one game. And that was when we played the Redskins a couple of years ago and got our asses kicked. But yeah, I will be right by our boys. Can’t wait, GO Niners!

  8. i’m flying out to pittsburgh for that game in september. i live in san diego but they don’t come here, so why not pittsburgh. anyone else going to that game?

  9. beautious maximus-there’s no backdoor to heaven just a front door to HELL!


  11. Sounds like there will be a few of us Niner fans at the Carolina game… sweet, good to know we’ll be represented! Should be a good one. JNova, I live in VA Beach too. Crazy stuff. Not to make this our personal chat area, but we should get together out here for a game this season. My friends I watch games with here are Eagles, Chiefs, and Bears fans… and my girlfriend is a Pats fan. Drop me a line sometime… eric.schweizer@navy.mil Good to know there is another Niner fan in the area! Go Niners!

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