Gore Out with Broken Hand

From Maiocco:

Running back Frank Gore sustained a broken right hand during the morning practice. He is expected to miss at least a week with the injury. Coach Mike Nolan said Gore will be re-evaluated next Monday.

The bone is expected to take four weeks to heal, so it is uncertain if Gore will be play during the exhibition season. This means that Michael Robinson, Maurice Hicks and Thomas Clayton will get extended work during training camp. Nolan said the club could also look to add another running back to the roster.


~ by 49ersNews on July 30, 2007.

33 Responses to “Gore Out with Broken Hand”


  2. Good thing its only for four weeks. We should not play any of our starters at all during pre season. We cant afford to lose any of these guys.

  3. Especially dont play jonas jennings who knows he will probably trip over his shoe laces and b out for the season any way pretzel.

  4. You haffta play em some. Just not much. Gore won’t play at all though, so this shouldn’t hurt us much.

  5. well this will make way for the young guys so we can finally get some youth at runningback, maybe this will prompt the release i have been calling for of this guy. He is injury prone get him out of here! he is like the terrel owens of running backs

  6. u gotta look at the bright side,, hes not on the cover of madden

  7. Mr. Paul Allen Diop, get young at RB? How young do you want to get – 15 years old? lol

  8. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pual allen is not what i call the sharpest crayon color in the box release frank gore your crazy its a hurt hand he is out for a week big deal we still have time until monday night football

  10. 49ers fans dont worry, this is a blessing for 49er fans and Frank because he dont need to play anyway. Lets save him for the season, get the other guys some carries and let frank loose on MONDAY NIGHT! P.S. Pual Allen (SHUT UP!!!!!!!)

  11. Four weeks- Piece of Cake, at least it’s not his lower body, which were going to depend upon, and thank god it’s not the regular season, better now than then!

  12. This should give a lot of time in pre-season games to that rookie Clayton. I hope and expect by the end of camp that Gore will be so antsy to get back on the field to keep his job that he’ll run for two hundred yards on Monday Night Football.

  13. fuck!

  14. We need to wear patches of Bill Walsh on our uniforms this year for every game!

  15. I was watching NFL Network and Walsh was such a motivater, such a class act, and he had a hell of sense of humor! He was talking about how much the 49ers were always the outcast of the league in the 70’s, and how the Cowboys were always talking shit, being arrogant. Bill said nothing felt better than beating that team during their third season! He always knew those bastards were always going to stand in our way! Bobby Boucher, you wanna be- the Savior of our team could’nt stand those bastards, he knew of our rivarly, how it would always be strong. Your either are too young one incher; or your multiple buttsmacking screenames are new fans! Get the Hell off the site and elimate your agreeing screenames that no real individual fan on this site could give a fuck about!

  16. It’s not like he’s going to be out for part’half or the whole season he’s only going to be out part of preseason so relax yall yeah it’s not news you want to hear but I rather him not playing in part of the preseason than not playing in part of the regular season and still that would have been just part of the regular season and as far as preseason look at what happend to micheal vick and clinton portis those years the got hurt during the preseason so maybe this happend to protect him from getting hurt in a preseason game so relax my brothas gore is going to come out more hungry than ever because he’ll be itching to play some football.

    Oh yeah I like that idea of wearing a patch on the uniforms this season that’s a hell of a way to pay tribute to the greatest coach in nfl history.

  17. I’m a true Fan, an Oldschool fan, not a New Comer like you! True fans hate those bastards with a passion wether its relevant or not! When I talk about those hicks, you should back me up, but when I discuss them you throw a tantrum and get offended. You and your buttsmacking screenames talk shit on and on and on.(Grow Up) Whether I discuuss them or not, you should be happy to hear someone hating those taky-arrogant hillbilly bastards! Grow a Dick Bobby Boucher, I know you miserable but get the tripod and do what you do best. Let the true 49er fans be themselves on this site!

  18. tyme for Clayton to shine

  19. — There was a Larry Allen sighting Monday – finally – and the big guy was looking practically svelte, having trimmed down some 20 pounds – at least – since the end of last season. Allen says he’s already down to his playing weight of 340 pounds, but he doesn’t look that heavy. “In shorts, he looked real good,” Nolan said. “I’ll tell him he should start modeling for GQ or something.” The guy looks positively ready to rock and roll over opponents.

    — And that, no doubt, will be his intention, as it has been throughout his Hall of Fame career. When asked by SFI on Monday if his goals change at this point of his career, Allen responded, “I want to win games and go to Super Bowls … and embarrass people.” Allen certainly has done plenty of that to many unfortunate defenders during his 13 NFL seasons.

    — Allen was a stranger to team headquarters during the offseason, being an excused no-show during all the 49ers’ spring drills, May minicamp and June organized team activities. But he took the time away seriously, working out at his custom, state-of-the-art personal gym at his home in Danville. When you’re Larry Allen, and have accomplished what Larry Allen has, you do things your own way.

    — And those rumors of Allen considering retirement? He says he has no intention of hanging up his cleats this year and might even play beyond this season. “I’m ready to go,” Allen said. “I have a big gym at my house so I started working out there this spring. I’m finally back out here now to hit somebody and have some fun. I’m happy to be back. I’m ready now, everything is cool, and there are no doubts that this is where I want to be.”

  20. After reading some of these comments ( i wont mention the specific one cuz everyone already knows anyway) but anyone that ever posts anything about getting rid of Frank Gore is not a 49ers fan and thats obvious. Or the are just the stupidest person on the planet. I agree when i first read the news gore out with injury i went up to my bathroom and puked for about a half hour!!!! but then i came back down only to see its a broken and .. not great but as ppl mentioned at least he will be there for the season and it gives the backups more reps. But to release of teh the top 5 RBs in football who is in his mid 20s, anyone who says that about any team is a DOUCHE!!!!! and just in case there isnt anyone that knows i dont think its possible to get younger at RB unless we played in college!!!!

  21. Let’s not worry too much about Gore’s broken hand. He’s young, he’ll heel up quickly. Besides, look at it as a blessing because he’ll be able to practise but not play in pre-season games.

    We all know what Frank’s cabable of so let’s not worry too much. Besides, LaDainian Tomlinson didn’t take a preseason hand off in 2006 and had a pretty good year!! (HA HA)

  22. even though we lost such a great legacy it sure was nice being able to watch 49er tv all day on the network and then tonight inside the camp with the niners well all i can say is that we will rise again and we have are real successor to bill and thats nolan baby

  23. How is the rookie Clayton doing out there?

  24. Now you can get gore a round or 2 later in your fantasy draft.

  25. I want to see what Robison or Clayton can do now!Im not a huge fan of Hicks unless its a 3 yard screen pass or a kickoff returner .

  26. Robinson looked good last preseason, but then kind of fell off when the season started. I hope he plays beeter this year. I really think Clayton could carry us through pre season. If there is any good to find in Gore’s injury it could be that we will see how Smith moves the rock without a steller running game.

  27. Well, its only preseason not the regular. Lets see what Clayton has to offer during preseason. Gore get well soon and ready for the regular season, we need you

  28. Hey Cow Fucker!!!!! My computer has been fucked lately, and you’ve taken advantage of that by talking your usual breed of horseshit. Bill Walsh is a legend, and when he was coaching; the cowboys were the 49ers biggest rival. Unfortunately, that was nineteen years ago. Just because you live in Texas doesn’t mean that the rivalry is still alive, because it really isn’t. Only to you, the sad old texas buttfucker that wishes he had an ounce of brains in that big old empty cowboy hat wearin head of his.

  29. Did anyone watch the 49ers tranning camp 07 on Nfl Network @ 5:00pm PT(07/31/07)?

  30. Fuck you tripod! The rivalry will always be alive you 40 year old virgin faggott! Like I said grow a dick, and become a true 49er fan!

  31. Cowboy Hater whats wrong with you? theres no one here by tripod and you keep insulting.

  32. it will show today 8/1 cause of the loss of bill the network is airing a day later than normal so watch nfl tonight baby >>>>>>>>>cowboy fanns can not find a website like this one for there team why you ask cause they suck balls they have a fag at the helm named tony tomo and a big mouth at reciever named T>O> FUCK COWBOY FOOTBALL Jerry Jones can suck a fart out of my ass

  33. Cowboys suck!!! The hate for them will always be in a true 49er fan’s heart!

    P.S.- So do the Raiders, Greenbay (Brett Farved owned us), Giants (*uck Parcells and LT), all the old NFC West rivals Saints, Falcons, Rams!!! All these teams suck ass and will always be enemies of this 49er fan!

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