Vin’s TC Report Part I

– Today’s practice was not padded. I suspect that the morning practices this year will be, with the afternoon practices (the ones that are generally open to the public) being non-padded. We’ll see as TC goes on though.

– Probably, the summary of the day was that, as far you can judge by shorts and such, the defense looked really good and way ahead of the offense. But, since I’ve attended these training camps for about 4-5 years now, that’s also expected. Of course, the defense I saw out on the field today looked a lot better than in year’s past, but it usually takes the offense at least a few days to gain a rhythm out there.

– Focusing on the rookies, you could easily tell that Patrick Willis looks just as fast as that 4.37 40 or whatever he ran at his pro day. He’s really great in his breaks and working all around the field. I remember on one play, he backpedalled and ran right to cover the route. Well, the pass was to the opposite end of the field, but Willis hussled down there and would have probably made a tackle (had there been contact). He also had a nice breakup of an Alex Smith pass. So athletically, he looked as good as advertised out there. He also looked a little lost at times, like on special teams duties and a few defensive plays and such. That’s to be expected, since this was his first training camp practice, but hopefully he can pick up on things really quickly and start for us.

– Joe Staley looked really pumped up out there. On drills that pitted o-linemen and d-linemen, Staley did a nice job of blocking his man and not letting him go by. That’s about as much as I could get from him today, because again it’s hard to judge o-linemen on non-contact type drills.

– His competition and counterpart Kwame Harris was schooled by Parys Haralson on the same drill that I described above. That drew a huge, negative reaction from the crowd. Joe Staley got a huge ovation from the crowd. I guess the contingent of people who point out that Kwame isn’t that great has grown. In fairness though, Kwame did do better the second time around, and he was starting at RT…for now.

– Because Larry Allen was not at practice, Adam Snyder filled in at LG. So the starting o-line today looked like this: Jonas Jennings, Adam Snyder, Eric Heitmann, Justin Smiley, Kwame Harris.

– I liked our run defense a lot today. There were several times, on 11-11 drills, where many of the run plays were broken up or stuffed up. I mean, it was non-contact so the runners still ran around and what not, but if that were a real play, those would have been busted up. It was really an all out contribution from the d-line and LBs, with guys like Ray McDonald and Jay Moore plugging the run lanes well.

– Nate Clements, as I hinted at earlier, looks like a monster out there. Literally. I watched games of his in Buffalo and knew he was a good player, but out on the field 1) He has great size for a CB and is very well built 2) He plays with confidence. All of the attempts by Alex Smith to throw towards him were met with pass break ups or incompletions. He really excelled at taking away the easy corner routes and sideline passes that WRs can pick DBs apart in. He looked like the shutdown corner we paid 80 mill to get as far as today was concerned.

– One thing Clements didn’t do well was return punts. He dropped a few of the punts.

– Tarrell Brown had a nice INT off of Trent Dilfer.

– Turnovers were kind of a problem for the offense today. While it didn’t plague the starting unit so much, there were several instances of fumbled snaps and what not which made Nolan stop the drills for a few minutes and scold the team.

– Arnaz Battle and Darrell Jackson were the starting WRs. Both looked good, but Jackson did drop a routine pass at one point, which is something he was known for at Seattle. Ashley Lelie also practiced and caught everything his way. Battle returned kicks as well.

– On the subject of dropped passes, Vernon Davis dropped one as well. That drew some boos from the crowd. But it was his only drop of the day. He looked a bit more polished and at ease today compared to what I remember from him last year. Last year, it seemed as if he was trying to prove that he’s the man in practice. Today, he just practiced and did everything asked of him. Nothing spectacular, but nothing awful either.

– The team ran a lot of short passes and runs today as far as the offense goes. I’m sure they’ll open things more in the days ahead.

– Frank Gore looked like Frank Gore…..which means he looked really good and a bit faster when he broke away on some runs. Thomas Clayton looks like a beast out there.

– The MVP of the day was Andy Lee jesus.gif . He was booming punts like nothing else. I mean seriously….usually punt practice is really boring. But Lee was just hammering those things today. I guess that playmaker on Madden stuff got to his head.


~ by 49ersNews on July 30, 2007.

24 Responses to “Vin’s TC Report Part I”

  1. So, when is Harris going to be released. He should be the first to go.

  2. I’m with you mike, when is Harris released. It seems as if he’s given more chances to fail. I’m concerned that he will end up getting Alex Smith hurt on a linebacker/DE blowing right by him! Nolan please start Staley!

  3. staley will start let there be no mistaking that

  4. So does that mean Clements is just that damn good, or is Smith just that bad? Clements is good, but there are a lot of corners better then him, so Smith hopefully gets some completetions in.

  5. @shuttle Cock

    it means that its the first day of camp and it takes longer for the offense to get in sync than the defense. And Smith was probably throwing to WRs he has never thrown to before.

  6. shuttle cock what do you mean there are alot of corners better than clements? the only one I can think of is champ. Nate is a real shut down corner there arn’t to many of those out there.

  7. Stupid comments about Harris. At WORST he’s a really solid back up. There is no reason to release him.

  8. Nice to see the Jackson and Lelie did not get hurt! Although they could have got injured after practice on the way to their dorms or while getting dinner, anyone heard anything?

  9. R.I.P. to Bill Walsh he was a great coach and person

  10. prares for the walsh family thanks for the memorys of greatness….

  11. RIP Bill….

  12. A very sad day for football and Niner fans everywhere.Let’s dedicate this season to Bill.

  13. Niner, don’t get me wrong, but Clements is a top 10 corner in the league maybe even top 5, but that’s pushing it.

  14. I just got the news on Bill Walsh I’m really hurt about this he was the best coach in nfl history and I put a comment on here a while ago about all of the coaches under him as his diciples and every coach that learned under him and that’s using his west coast offense and that have won games using his offense needs to put a statue if bill in their houses and give praise to it everyday because none of those coaches would be who they are if there wasn’t a Bill Walsh, I have so much more that I can say about the greatest coach every and it still wouldn’t be enough words to cover his legacy.

    Bill Walsh will look over our niners and spead his magic and best believe that he will make sure that they will win their 6th superbowl trophy very soon this is a sad day for me.


  15. No disrespect regarding the passing of Bill Walsh (see my post above) but to continue with the debate regarding Nate vs Champ here’s the skinny on each player’s BEST five seasons.

    Champ Bailey: Total tackles – 389. Total INTs: 23.

    Nate Clements: Total tackles – 370. Total INTs: 20.

    If Champ Bailey is regarded as the #1 shutdown corner in the NFL then Nate is right there with him. The problem for Nate is that he’s been playing in Buffalo and not in a large market like San Francisco. Look for a solid Pro Bowl year from one of the BEST corners in the NFL!!

  16. Mcalister, vasher, sheapard,samuel, winfield.Top 5 is cuttin it close fellas. I want Clements to do the damn thing, I’m just saying there are a lot of good corners out there, and Smith needs to be prepared. Not even going to mention Bailey.

  17. Hey Shuttle Cock, do some research before you start throwing out names. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Nate. Vasher, Samuel and company don’t even come close when you look at the numbers. Greatest isn’t judged on 1 or even 2 seasons. Over the past five years Nate is one of the Top 3 CB in the league…hands down!

    That’s why they gave him the big contract based on his consistency not just one good year. Hell Vasher’s best total tackles in one year is 45! Nate had 99!!

  18. Yea, so tackles are in Nate’s favor. Picks, tackles, breaking up plays and such have to be included. I love me some Nate, I’m just saying I’m not convinced he is top 5 material. Hell yes I’m glad he is a niner, he’s just not in the top 5. (Only my opinion)

  19. momma says stupid is as stupid does and he does it real good so i say usta la bye bye harris-hey shuttle cock prepare for docking – Shuttle Nate is one of a select few shutdown corners who can actually hit and tackle- now if they’re “a lot” of these kinda guys around then we need to do a full investigation into lenscrafters cuz i’m not seein it

  20. […] Vin’s TC Report Part I – Today’s practice was not padded. I suspect that the morning practices this year will be, with the afternoon […] […]

  21. GORE BROKE HIS HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS THIS NOT ON HERE???????

  22. Gore will be out for preseason probably but hopefully will be good to go for week 1. I guess we will see how robinson has developed with his 2nd year at position an then see how clayton will do.

  23. I am fukin crushed today Walsh dies gore breaks his hand…FUCK….but on the bright side of the day my son broke for 6 tds at practice today…yes i said SIX…my boy got skills… i love this game…rip bill

  24. looks like hicks got blessed with a spot..he knowsthe offense well and could spell for third downs…if gore doesnt make it back…

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