Franklin Carted off Field

From Matthew Barrows, Sacramento Bee:

Nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, one of the team’s key acquisitions this offseason, went down with a knee in jury and was carted off the field. The injury occurred on a fake handoff during which the offensive line goes one way and quarterback Alex Smith breaks it back the other.

“It’s like the whole line collapsed and he got caught under the pile,” fellow defensive lineman Ronnie Fields said.

The official word is that Franklin has a sprained knee. However, teams typically downplay injuries early on. Last week, for example, the official word was that Frank Gore had gotten “nicked” in practice. In fact, he had broken his hand.


~ by 49ersNews on August 6, 2007.

24 Responses to “Franklin Carted off Field”

  1. Let’s enter the Corey Simon sweepstakes!!!

  2. is message board down?

  3. Man, that would suck if this guy is done for the season. I hope this is not going to be the story of our year. An injury riddled season is not something we need.

  4. Any word on how Marcus Maxwell is doing in Camp? Is he impressing anyone in camp!

  5. Lets pray this guy is not hurt but a aprained knee.

  6. […] looks like Aubrayo Franklin was carted off the field with a knee injury. He will have a MRI later today. Franklin was slated to start at nose tackle in […]

  7. Were not even sure what this guy can even do… Lets be happy it wasnt a key player at this point. Im not saying he wont be good but hes not proven, lets find another big body and plug him in there, because at this point thats all he was.

  8. What is the fucking point of spending money if everyone gets injured!!!

  9. Wasn’t a key player? He’s our fucking nose tackle you idiot! He is key to everything we’re trying to do on defense. 3 fucking 4! DAMNIT THIS SUCKS!

  10. JStaxxx, what the fuck do you know about Franklin? Seriously did you know he even exsisted before the Niners picked him up? IT IS A “KEY POSISTION” YES, BUT KEY PLAYER? Come on bro, KEY PLAYER? I guess an un-proven big guy was the answer to nose takle huh? Thats why you are not a GM, you fucking idiot….. Nolan signed him as competition you idiot, did he win the the NT job because he signed? The truth is it was still anyones position to grab, yes he was named starter to start the PRE-SEASON… You gotta name someone.



  13. Considering Franklin is the only one big enough to be a true NT on the roster, and we’re running a 3-4, Yes, I do consider him a key player. Nose tackles don’t haffta do much anyways, take up space is the main job. I just don’t see anyone else on the roster taking up as much space as he would.

  14. Is Tank Johnson a nose tackle?

  15. no

  16. It turns out that Aubrayo Franklin’s knee injury is a sprained medial collateral ligament, which could keep him out of each of the 49ers’ four preseason games. Coach Mike Nolan, however, said that at this point the team expects Franklin, the 49ers’ starting nose tackle, to be ready for the season opener on Sept. 10. Franklin, of course, played in Nolan’s system while he was with the Baltimore Ravens and doesn’t need the preseason to learn the position.


  17. yup, so far, we have gotten lucky. His fat ass better stay healthy lol

  18. look the niners will not be successful. First, they cant pressure the QB, which will force the 80 million CB Nate ??? Clemens to get burnt. I see the same dfense as last year, and alex smith—he is a bust. every pass seems uncertain — always to the sidelines as he is rolling out….lets face it…the only good story is that Nolan has the power to change the woredrobe….whio cares about wearing suits N E WAY. Let me ask you a question….without or with suits — when u lose u still look bad….losersssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. this from a team(rams)we owned for years!!u wanna see pass rush keep your eyes open-cuz here is comes-as far as smith being a bust dont bet on it-he is on the verge of great things-we led the way to 5 now it is time to seperate once again to 6


  21. This sucks. We got pretty lucky so far that none of our injuries r going to run into regular season.

  22. Whewww……MRI showed that it was only a mild sprain. We need this guy bad. His a true hard core nose tackle who can clog up the middle well.

  23. It couldnt be more important that we have this guy!!! he might not be a household name but our whole damn D revolves around this guy!!! but i wanna say this is another blesing in disguise. now we know hell be healthy for at least game one, and he is one of the few guys that has experience in the 3-4 so one that makes him that much more important and two its not as big of a deal that he misses the preseason cuz he knows the ins and outs. But dont say he is not importanmt cuz you didnt know who he was last year, he MAKES our D

  24. Sopoaga, a fourth-year veteran played in 15 games last season with two starts and is listed as the second string nose tackle on an unofficial team depth chart that was released today.

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