Throwbacks for Walsh

bw2.pngSay what you want about John York, but the way he is handling the whole Bill Walsh tribute is awesome. I doubt there is one Niner fan out there that is not on the York bandwagon for this event. York wrote another letter addressed to the fans discussing the comments they received pertaining to Walsh and the one suggestion from the fans that kept coming up was that the team should wear throwbacks to honor Walsh. So York listened to the fans and did just that. The 49ers will be wearing throwbacks to open the season against the Cardinals.

Many of you have written or called asking us to have players wear the throwback jerseys for a game to honor Coach Walsh. We’re proud to say that we will do just that.

In memory of the start Bill Walsh provided for that incredible journey, the 49ers players will wear jerseys from that era during our season-opening September 10 Monday Night Football game against Arizona.


~ by 49ersNews on August 6, 2007.

38 Responses to “Throwbacks for Walsh”

  1. Thats cool for that game. I like the newer uniforms i would not like to see the old ones come back for good again there ugly and yesteryear we have to have our players think we are in 2007 not 1980’s thats to much to live up to if they change are uniform i would like to see the 1994 ones come back to life those were dope.

  2. I really hope that when we get our new stadium, we have a Bill Walsh statue right up front

  3. I actually like the old uniforms. I think the mid to late 90’s uniform was the best. After that it got sorta purple to me.

  4. 49ers released there real depth chart today..because the league forces them too.

  5. kinda of odd that Jason Hill isn’t even on the depth chart?? Looks like Nolan likes Robinson more then Hicks.

  6. Maybe they should wear the old uni’s for all of preseason and the opener.

  7. I hope that next year the old-school uniforms become permanent.

  8. I think we should wear the throwbacks all season, and definitly with the Bill walsh commerative patch. Have a picture of his face on the patch, with 1931-2007. Say “Bill Walsh” above, and then below his head say “49er Forever”! Another good one to put below his bust patch would be “49er Dynasty 1979-1988.”

  9. We should use our throwbacks during the bill walsh era, but with have a red face shield on the helmet like we have now. Keep everything the same, but just enhance the uni’s like the lions did with theirs. They kept the thowback look, but just outlined the lion on their helmet in black.

  10. If the patch says BW and doesn’t have a picture of his face like I said, we should have the BW patch in red,black and gold. That should be the colors of the bw patch, not black and grey.

  11. The patch should’nt be black and grey were not representing the “raiders”, were representing cardinal red, gold and black!

  12. were representing the King of Football bill Walsh!

  13. Is the orginization considering keeping the throwbacks permanent?

  14. Bring Back the throwback jerseys from 94′ those are more up to date than the 80’s ones. Just keep the red face mask, the updated logo, and metallic gold on the helmets. change the stripes back to red white red on the helmet and bring back the scarlet red color instead of that gross cardinal color

  15. Most teams are going back to their old digs, look at San diego. I think the old look is classier. Bring back the old 49er lettering endzone logo that we had up to two or three years ago. It’s like the mid eighties everything was taky, and then everthing went back to the simple plain look. The Bill walsh uni’s are simple and classy!

  16. But Cafdog the 94 uni’s had no solid gold on their pants. I think only a few games had that, but the majority of the season including the NFC Championship had the white pants with no gold. So I personally like the bill walsh era uni’s, because they are simple and represent us well.

  17. I think we should have the Bill walsh uniforms for good, but just change the Facemask shield to red, and keep everything else the same as that era with Bill.

  18. how bout a mask, and everthing else the same. After all one of our colors is black.

  19. I mean a black face mask.

  20. I say keep it the same as the current or have the get the Bill Walsh uniforms and keep them the original as they were back then.

  21. PLEASE keep the throwbacks for good!!! I want to represent in the colors that made the niner franchise great, not these shitty off red colors, it drives me nutss!!! Is there a way we can collectively petition for a change? Doesa anyone know?? I donty even have a new jersey i wear all throwbacks… I remember when we played the vikes last year we wore the old schools and the players were energized by the unis…. lets keep them that way…

  22. Has anyone else noticed that Bugger McFarland is out for the season and that there left tackle has retired and that the colts are starting a former wide receiver at corner.Plus i dont know how or if Cory Simon is still playing football.It keeps looking better for our first round pick this season.The one we traded the Colts for!!!!

  23. I agree as long as keep the face guard red. j-one you do mean the bill walsh era uniforms. I agree we should keep those the same and don’t change a thing, but make the face shields red, the old red.(Scarlet Red)

  24. I was thinking We need to keep the current uniforms, we should stay with the times. If anything change the current colors back to scarlett red.

  25. Uniforms: Either Bill Walsh Era or keep current Uniforms!

  26. The throwbacks are ugly. I don’t know why you guys make such a big deal about them.

  27. The unis should stay as they are and just wear the throwbacks on rivals and other auccasions. Also can yall beleive mike nolan still has kwame Harris starting over Joe Staley!!! unbeleivable

  28. What’s unbelievable is your spelling!

  29. Good point jerry, I don’t think the Colts are going to be that great this year. There is no way that they will make it to the Super Bowl again next year. I’m pretty sure New England will dominate that division this year. Regardless of what pick we end up getting, I like the trade to get Staley. We should do that shit every year. Last year Lawson, and this year Staley. That’s good drafting. I love the new regime!!! Was Erickson ever that bold. He hooked us up with Kwame and Rashaun Woods. Come on.

  30. Madden player ratings are posted on

  31. haha thats funny but you still understood what i said huh!!! stop talking shit like all the other big mouths because you know you could say whatever you want behinf your computer.

  32. Here, I will say this behinf my computer. “I” before “E” except after “C.” Niner Blog and School all in one. We should have to pay for this site. haha

  33. Dude just shut the fuck up ass wipe it slipped as “F” is next to “D” in the keyboard and me typing so fast i dont have time to check the word i typed like a little college dropout bitch like you!!!

  34. Way to change your name pussy!!!

  35. If we do go back it should be same Helmet but everything else throwback.Anyways I hope the Niners just honor Bill Walsh in the best way by stomping the Cardinals.

  36. Why do you get so mad, dawg? It’s a blog. Just messing with you. College dropout? What you got your Kanye West collection sittin next to you computer and you just pulled that out of a hat? I don’t need to drop out of college to know how to spell or type. Thanks for the explanation by the way. I would have never figured it out. Here’s an explanation for you; show your red ass and everyone is going to pick at you. I have never changed my name and now you know it.

  37. Throwback Jerseys would be very appropriate to honor the life and legacy of Bill Walsh. As a young person growing up during his tenure, he has left an indelible mark in history and an unforgettable memory for me. I remember being at Stanford University for their win against the Dolphins, it was incredible. I remember being at a cabin in the snow watching the Bengals and Niners, shoveling snow off the deck at halftime because I was so upset they were losing. I remember Bill Walsh coming to my place of employment and providing an awesome speech of inspiration to all those I worked with at the time. I remember winning his book in a raffle that day and having him autograph it. I will always treasure what I have been able to be a part of because of Bill. I would like to be able to wear his commemorative patch on my Jersey this season.

  38. i personally would rather see the throwback jerseys all year…i can’t stand the new uniforms…something about the plain red and white, and that dull tan that i love…

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