Not Again…

First Lloyd, now Williams. Must be something about the name Brandon…Let’s just hope he doesn’t duck when passes are thrown his way.

The fun doesn’t stop there…did some more searching and apparently Williams is good at standing around showing his bankroll…


~ by 49ersNews on August 8, 2007.

23 Responses to “Not Again…”

  1. Well at least he’s not the one mentioning cocaine. What do you guys think he’ll be suspended for later on in the season? Drugs? DWI? Dogfighting?

  2. Or its the #81?

    BTW instead of putting out videos like this, and showing a random highlight or 2 of the few catches he’s actually made, shouldn’t he be working on making the team? We have 11 receivers in camp, and this one seems to be more interested in his rap career…

    Here’s to hoping he doesn’t make the final cut…

  3. Haha, this is so awful it’s hilarious.

  4. I don’t know what to say?

  5. I guess if he doesn’t make it in the NFL he can write on his resume that he rap’s and did a video?

  6. Nothing is cooler than rapping in you mamma’s kitchen. Geez-us

  7. What an idiot!!! I just read this and thought I’d share… Vernon Davis-TE-49ers Aug. 8 – 3:59 pm et

    Vernon Davis has looked “virtually unstoppable” during Niners camp.

    He also tore up minicamp season. The freakishly athletic Davis has risen to the No. 4 tight end on our cheatsheets with Alge Crumpler moving down.
    Source: Santa Rosa Press Democrat

  8. dam!!!!! ok NINERS game 5 days away ya GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What is the meaning of this ?!!!!!!!!!!trade him to the Redskind so loyd n williams can do a love ballet together about how they were nothing in the N.F.L..With all this shit on williams this season we should have traded him for Randy Moss!!!!!!!!whats the differance!!!!!! At least would have got somekind of media attention…..Instead of none……or when a coach dies!!!!!!!!

  10. Will Frank Gore Be able to play in Week 2?

  11. Week 2 preseason, no. Season opener, Yes.

  12. Wow, thats really all I can say.

    Based on what I am reading from the Matt’s (Miaocco and Barrows), sounds like Taylor Jacobs could move Williams right off the roster. If Jacobs falters returning punts I am sure Nolan will have no problem putting Battle back there. I see the WR depth chart as:

    Gilmore – may make the roster, but will probably be released
    Williams – placed on practice squad so he can be activated if needed.

    If Gilmore was practice squad eligible I am sure Williams would probaby be traded.

  13. Oh crap, I forgot Jason Hill. Never mind the Gilmore notes, he will almost certainly be released.

  14. A we goona shit on u ninas. RAMS 4 LIFE. Nate clement cant cover holt. Nate will get his fat ass burnt. Steven Jack will smack all ur LB’s ….suck are u niners!!!! none of your recievers can catch and gore is injury. whattt

  15. Hey Rams fan, peep this, the Niner’s didn’t have that great of a team last year, and we split the series, the year before that we were just horrible and we swept that ass. The Niners look nice this year, and with your starting corner out the first for games, Smith is gonna show you why he was the nuber one pick. Look for the Niners to sweep that ass once again.

  16. Hey Ramcocksucker next time you decide to talk shit about the niners, learn how to spell!!!

  17. WE NEVER HAVE A DEFENSE AGAINST THE 49ERS,WE NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO STOP THE 49ers EVEN WHEN THEY SUCKED!!!!!!!!! WHEN THEY WERE 4-12.WE JUST DRAFTED ADAM CARRIKER WHO WILL PROBLEY FEAR FRANK THE TANK GORE AND SAY AFTER THE SEASON”I WISH I WAS DRAFTED BY THE 49ERS”!!!!Steven Jackson will say ” that damn Patrick Willis stopped me again”!!!! And our Quarterback will say “how come nate clements keeps knocking most of my passes down!!!!!And our corner will say i should do more drugs!!!!!!!!!! so i dont have to play them damn 49ers!!!!!

  18. How did Brandon Williams get in my kitchen? And when did Webster start looking so old?

  19. Fuck this guy. Seriously dump his ghetto ass right now. This isn’t a Nolan guy. Receiver cuts were going to be tough; until now. Bye Brandon! Jason Hill deserves his spot on the roster. I’m white, and I could look cooler in that video; lip-syncing next to Webster. And if you watch closely; Brandon can’t lip-sync very well. How much of a hard-ass can you be when you’re playing second fiddle to Emanuel Lewis?

  20. Not kewl. Not impressed. This guy doesn’t fit our team. I’ll be watching that fucker. He better play ball and he better not be another Brandon Lloyd.

  21. This is so stupid, someone makes good money and wants to still be ghetto. Shit I’m a 49ers fan for life, but I got 12 year olds in my neiborhood that would be robbing his ass at gun point right in front of the cops on my block, just for showing money and ice like that. not to mention Garden block, Lincon Villige, Oak park, highlands, Rancho, the Hieghts, both of em, all Sac-town. Shit, even the cops would rob his ass.

  22. williams will be cut

  23. someone email a copy to roger … he’ll suspend him for two seasons

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