Receivers: 4? 5? 6? Who the Hell Knows

Nolan was asked recently how many receivers he would keep to start the season. And his response was hilarious.

“We are going to keep four, five or six. I think that is accurate. We will let things take care of themselves as we go. If we have less than four, then we have a lot of guys dinged up. If we don’t have five good ones, then we will have four. We get a practice squad guy to take that extra spot. But active roster positions, we will shoot for five and if we get to six or have to go to four, we will know the reasons.”


~ by 49ersNews on August 8, 2007.

13 Responses to “Receivers: 4? 5? 6? Who the Hell Knows”

  1. another one of Nolan’s smoke-screen tactics. I love this freakin’ coach. Still rollin

  2. I’ve noticed this before with Nolan….. his statements to the press occasionally lack refinement. I think this is what he meant to say.
    We will keep between four and six. No less than 4 unless there are a lot of injuries. Probably keep a WR on the practice squad just in case. The most we could keep is six if there is someone who really stands out.

  3. I think nolan will shoot for five but I won’t rule out a chance for 6. He says every offseason he loves competition because the best men get to play. So I don’t think hell go easy just because there’s a lot of competition in the postion the best five make it that’s it. My 5 is.
    3t.jacobs(ST),j.hill or b.williams(PR)

    Bradon williiams will be kept as the teams punt returner and may double as the slot or 4th reciever. Taylor jacobs also is a special teams guy which gives him the edge over maxwell and the others.

  4. you left out ashley lelie you dont think hes gunna make the cut?

  5. what about lelie?

  6. Jackson, Battle, Lelie, Hill (for sure).

    5 will got to Williams if they keep 5.

    Jacobs, Gilmore, and Maxwell will have to fight for Nolan to use another roster spot on them. Probably will end up on the practice squad.

  7. I believe the 5 will be:
    Darrell Jackson
    Arnaz Battle
    Jason Hill
    Ashley Lelie
    Taylor Jacobs
    and they’ll probably keep Brandon Williams because he will be our return guy. They are trying Jacobs as a return man, so obviously they like him enough to try to use him as a returner as to save a roster spot, but he hasn’t been doin so well so they’ll probably go six for that reason and keep Williams.
    Jacobs made some great catches last year and I think he has a lot of ability. He is said to have had a great camp so far.

  8. Madden player ratings are posted on
    for anyone interested

  9. I agree Big M. Gilmore is the odd man out. Add Maxwell to the practice squad. Will he accept that though or try elsewhere?

  10. 0H!! I totally forgot about ash. If that’s the case gilmore is the odd man out. Bradon makes it because of his special teams abilities jacobs as the teams 5th wideout and ash is slot.

  11. Mad Max is the second coming!

  12. Maxwell will be on someone elses practice squad like the cowboys,raiders or tampa bay by season end.And Gilmore will be a Charger by the same time too!!!!!!!it will be 1)D.jACKSON 2)A.Lalie,3)A.BATTLE,4)J. HILL,5) T. Jacobs,6)B. Williams in that order to…i predict!!!!

  13. After 5 training camps its becoming clear.
    3 & 4 lelie & Hill
    5 & 6 B. Williams and Jacobs for special teams and backup

    Nolan loves Jacobs and hes been dominating in practice. Hill has to stay and looks smooth, fast and smart. Williams his big play ability; should be able to easily beat the first guy. I wish he would stop making videos.
    Honestly Lelie is just average, and doesn’t look faster than Hill or Jacobs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the latter two get more playing time by mid season.

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