VD the Next TO? Please.

VD the Next TO? Please.
by James Jones

First and foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Walsh and 49er families who have over the years come to love and admire the man Bill Walsh. It is well known that the bay area, the franchise and the NFL as a whole would not be what it is without his presence and influence. He is sorely missed and my most significant regret is that I do not live in the bay any longer and cannot attend his service at Candlestick this Friday. Rest in Peace Coach Walsh, we love you.

Now onto the reason and meaning of this article I have decided to sit down and write. It has come to the attention of the Ninerholics brain trust that there are more then a few individuals floating around the 49er websites writing blogs or articles about a certain incident. This event took place last week at the end of a training camp practice in Santa Clara and as everyone knows involved two of the more prominent players on the offensive side of the ball.

Some musings have been responsibly and well written pieces of journalism however the few which qualify for this designation have come from bay area writers and newspapers. More have fallen into the category of lacking substance, being poor in originality and even have a lack of any real insight into the team or the players involved. Most have actually only been written by these people since they have seen the news publications talking about it and they perhaps thought it a good idea to get on board with the opinion.

The opinion I am referring to is of course the notion that Vernon Davis is on track to become the next Terrell Owens. I have read numerous articles that have spoken to the belief that because Davis has come to camp with a great deal of fire and intensity that he is a form of cancer that is only going to become a problem in the years that follow.

There was one article in particular which really caught my attention and even raised some ire in my gut. This article comes from one James Darnell. I am not completely sure if he is a writer for the 49erWebzone staff or merely just the proprietor of a blog in which he attempts to wax poetic on the happenings of the team. Either way his reflections can certainly be placed in the aforementioned category of poor substance and imagination. It is here where I have decided to breakdown Mr. Darnell’s article and expose the holes which exist within it for all to see. I say this as a result of the fact that I have commented on said article and have (as of the posting of this piece) not received a reply. So I will attempt to give my reactions to what I can only deem as the thoughts of someone who has nary and inkling into the inner-workings of the San Francisco 49ers.

“Every team has at least one. The spirited, fearless leader that ignites and intensifies team morale whether it be in practice, during games, or just in the weight room. Taking a quick glance around the league, Baltimore Ravens’ All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis comes to mind without a second thought. From his trademark stadium entrance to his passionate displays on the field, Lewis is the ultimate team player, constantly trying to elevate his teams’ level of intensity to the highest degree. Lewis can do and say nearly anything he wants, and no one within the organization will question it. Why? Because he produces on the field, with no arguments to be had.”

Here we have Mr. Darnell’s take on what it means to be the “spirited, fearless leader” of a football team. He brings to the forefront of this argument MLB Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens to defend his thoughts. He also attempts to make the case that since Lewis is a great athlete and more importantly produces quality results from his line backing position that he can “do or say anything he wants” without repercussion. That as a result of his playmaking ability he is devoid of any punishment from the team even if it is so warranted.

Well sir, if that’s the case then why in God’s name did the 49ers ever let Terrell get away? If all that really mattered were his numbers on the field (they were great and have been missed since he departed) then why was the San Francisco management so stupid as to not deal with everything he brought no matter what? Oh that’s right the management team consisted of Terry Donahue and Dennis Erickson, I’ll give you a pass on answering that one.

“Since the start of the 49ers’ training camp on July 29, second-year tight end Vernon Davis has not been shy in regards to expressing himself vocally. Throughout camp, Davis and newly-aquired linebacker Tully-Banta Cain, along with fellow second-year player, Manny Lawson have consistently been seen jawing, pushing, and shoving one another in heated practice sessions. Seemingly every time Davis makes a play, he has something to say about it to a defender.”

I truly fail to see how having someone of Vernon’s enthusiasm and passion on the team is seen as a detriment. This paragraph begs the question as to whether or not Mr. Darnell ever played a down of competitive organized football, or any sport for that matter. From his comments here I would have to surmise that the answer is no. If he had then he might realize the importance of the intensity and fire the game requires from some individuals. Sure some display this attribute (let’s call it what it is) differently then others but the result is most often the same, a good product on the field. In fact isn’t this fire Davis is showing something the team has been lacking for too long now?

“Davis took it one step further, however, in last Saturdays’ intra-squad scrimmage. After Davis was passed up in favor of reserve running back Maurice Hicks on a play near the end zone, Davis and offensive lineman Larry Allen began to confront one another once on the sidelines. Words were exchanged, and soon enough the situation was elevated to a level that required players to pull apart and separate the two offensive starters.”

So now Davis took it a step further… I see. Let’s be honest here though, no one really knows what transpired that caused the altercation to begin expect those who were on hand. As such how can one possibly pass judgment on Davis or give him the brunt of the blame for the incident? That appears to be what Mr. Darnell has done here with his statement that “Davis” took it to another level. No blame can fall at the feet of Allen at all here I suppose, at least not from what Mr. Darnell surmises.

“Sure, sometimes lighting a fire underneath a team is a good thing, keeping players motivated and energized. But when you are getting into confrontations on a regular basis with teammates, especially with players on the same side of the ball, there is a problem. Veterans understand this, while the youngster has apparently missed the memo. Fighting with teammates is bad, Vernon. But if you insist, at least don’t do it in front of the fans. Oops! Looks like Davis missed that part of the discussion during NFL’s Rookie Symposium last summer.”

Take a look back with me if you will to Wednesday August 1st and the Tennessee Titans camp practice which took place that day. Titans defensive back Donnie Nickey had just taken down receiver Courtney Roby with a clothesline like tackle. Young went straight to Nickey and proceeded to toss a few punches to the safeties helmet. He did this with his throwing hand no less but of even greater consequence (at least as far as Mr. Darnell is concerned) would have to be that a punch was thrown at all. Incidents such as this happen at NFL training camps all over the country each and every year; it’s the nature of the game. In the end players realize that they are on the same team and have a common goal of winning games, everything else takes a backseat. Mr. Darnell points out that veteran football players know that getting into altercations with your teammates is negative and should not happen however have we not heard of Larry Allen getting into skirmishes with his teammates over the
 14 years he has been in the league? I can even remember an incident where Allen almost pulverized former 49er kicker Jose Cortez (then with the Dallas Cowboys) on the field after a botched field goal attempt. But vets know better right? Fights and yelling/shoving matches happen in football Mr. Darnell, even among players of the same team and same unit, get over it.

“With all the recent talk of how Davis is reminding those who follow the 49ers as a reincarnation of Terrell Owens, remember something. Owens put up numbers. Ray Lewis produces year after year in Baltimore. The majority of veteran team leaders do as such, earning the respect they deserve and the role they are given. Meanwhile, Davis catches 20 balls, breaks his leg, and still thinks that he is the top dog. If anything, Davis should be careful that he doesn’t end up in the dog house of head coach Mike Nolan, or even worse – get sent to the pound.”

Here we have the meat of my rant and the real reason this article was written in the first place. The evil Terrell Owens comparison, the one we’ve seen so much of over the last few days. What makes this even more laughable is that Mr. Darnell actually makes the argument that because Owens and Lewis put up numbers and produce on the field that anything they do on or off it is acceptable. So in his estimation as long as Vernon scores double digit touchdowns and has close to a 1000 yards receiving this season he can incur a 15 yard penalty after each one, bash his quarterback, coach or owner and it will be completely fine. Vernon Davis thinks he is the “top dog”, is Mr. Darnell being serious with this comment? I only ask because he seems to make the argument that Davis breaking his leg was somehow his fault, as if his injury should keep him from being positive and confident about his ability to play this game at the highest level. This team has one of the best coaching staffs in
 the league assembled; (at least in my opinion) somehow I think that they can handle anything that comes their way from a player standpoint. Not that they’ll have anything to worry about in regards to Vernon Davis and this ridiculous notion that he destined to follow the path the TO trail blazed.

“Davis has yet to play a snap in the 2007 season, so he is technically still considered a rookie by some. Don’t worry Vernon; we’ll have our popcorn ready. Just shut your mouth and play football.”

So Davis is in his second season now and by some accounts he’s still a rookie? I don’t really see how that can be possible but once again, we’ll give Mr. Darnell a pass here. The point is that Davis is an excitable player, one who comes with everything a coach could want in a player. He has the intangibles to be great in this league and inside his heart he knows it. He has not let this fact go to his head as some have mentioned being the reason for his attitude in camp thus far. He has not become complacent in anyway and in fact has done nothing but try to refine and improve his game. The knock on Davis coming out of Maryland was that he was not going to be a good blocker at the NFL level because he rarely displayed that quality in college. What did he do? He went into camp last year determined to improve this aspect of his game and make it a formidable addition to his repertoire. By some accounts he was one of the best blocking tight ends in the league last season.

Davis has also made comments in recent days that he see’s himself as nothing like Terrell Owens in terms of attitude and demeanor. He acknowledges that he needs the other 10 players on offense to be able to do his job and do it effectively. When has Owens ever truly seen or realized that part of the game? It is my sincere hope that after this article all talk of Vernon Davis becoming the next Terrell Owens and be put to rest once and for all.

This last little tidbit from 49ers camp today, in regards to Vernon Davis…

–Tight end Vernon Davis continues to look virtually unstoppable. He caught a couple passes out of the backfield. He caught a short TD pass in the middle of the end zone in front of Brandon Moore. In a humorous episode after the play, Moore wrapped up Davis and told him, “Don’t spike it.” Davis not only didn’t spike it, he went silently back to the huddle.

Maiocco M. 2007. Notes from the Morning Practice. Retrieved on August 8, 2007 from http://49ers.pressdemocrat.com/default.asp?item=662160

I’m sure there are some who will misconstrue this as Davis having a bad attitude now for all the flak he has received. Perhaps he is just a little perturbed about the many comments from fans telling him he should alter his attitude on the field. He won’t do that and Mike Nolan even made the comment that he never wants him to change because that’s what makes him the special player he is.


~ by 49ersNews on August 8, 2007.

42 Responses to “VD the Next TO? Please.”

  1. Madden player ratings are posted on http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/810/810854p1.html

  2. Are they going to keep moving Vernon Davis to From tightend to fullback all season?they should move him out wide like a receiver

  3. DUDE, if i read it right, Madden gave K Harris an 84!

  4. ok im for getting rid of K harris, but he isnt a bad run blocker. he might be the worst pass blocker in the league but not a bad run block. nolan wouldnt keep putting him out there if he was a total negative on the line. with all that in mind he still wont be resigned when his contract expires of course

  5. i hate sports blogs

  6. Your post appeared on the top of my stats page as a “hot post”. I find it necessary to point out the slug for this story amusingly reads as “VD next to please”. Indeed.


  7. I can’t find 2007 DIRECTV NFL Quarterback Challenge anywhere. And it looks as though Inside Training Camp for the Niners won’t happen. Any of you savvy niner fans know where I can catch the challenge or training camp video?

  8. Why is it that when a player is being passionate on our team and I understand that he was arguing with larry allan but that’s what players do when it’s hot as shit on the practice feild and things get testy and bringing up TD celebrations the first thing that comes out of peoples mouths is T.O the last I check T.O is in dallas and he’s been gone from the 49ers for a long time and he’s somehow being talked about as if he’s still here like he said VD the Next TO? Please.

  9. Vernon Davis is a Bad Ass dude and he will bring our team back to the Glory days! Hail Vernon Davis!

  10. Fuck T.O.- he’s the past and a traitor! Vernon is the future and he wants to be hear forever! He wants to be a 49er; he loves the orginization!

  11. How has Marcus Maxwell been doing. Everyone in Europe says he reminds them of B.O. in his play and his size. Any word on how productive he is and how the coaches like his ability. I’ve seen the guy play, we can’t let him get away or were going to suffer from it!

  12. maxwell is injured

  13. And in next years draft,we should work on getting nothing but defensive and offensive lineman and one backup qaurterback since Trent Dilfer,Larry Allen and B.Y. all will probley retire!!!!

  14. Yeah thats definately a stretch about Vernon Davis being like Owens…Owens was all about (me) and Vernon…he just loves to compete…i feel he’s being a leader and lettin everyone know he wont let em push him around

  15. I don’t want little proper sissy’s on my team. If your playing a game your going to war! I like player who are emotional and angry on the field not off. We need emotion, anger. That guy in Jacksonville has his trainers slap him before a game, and hard.


  17. Hey RAMS, Summer’s Eve or Massengill, which do you prefer?

  18. VD like TO? HAHAHA I wont even give that a second thought…hey RAMS get off our site u little punk bitch…I hope Bulger breaks his throwing arm when he gets smashed by my boys in red…

  19. FIRE+INTENSITY+PLAYMAKING ABILITY+A LITTLE IN YOUR FACE TYPE SHIT= VERNON “THE DUKE” DAVIS….Everything you want in a football player… this game isnt for some soft ass marshmellow ass bitches….its for men..so when you seee the duke get hypy you know you just got beat by the red & gold…yeeeeeaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  20. HYPHY oops

  21. HYPHY means crazy to those who dont get it…bay area!!!!

  22. BULGER


  24. TORY

  25. BRUCE

  26. DONTE

  27. S S
    P P
    A A
    N N
    K K
    Y Y

  28. f-you Rams, anyway…..Davis is going to have the best tight end season stat wise, in the entire NFL

    And about Madden ’08, the niners ratings are waaaay to low. Lawson is a 78, so is Banta-Cain and Norris. They should all be in the eighties.

    They might get beat in this game but not on the field. I can’t wait til Monday Night!

  29. […] VD the Next TO? Please. VD the Next TO? Please. by James Jones First and foremost I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Walsh […] […]

  30. Do we have another mindless idiot on this site? Or did our dickhead cowboys fan become a dickhead rams fan? Hmmmmm…..

  31. Bulger=picked by Lewis or Roman, sacked by Lawson and Banta-Cain
    Jackson=smaked around by Lawson,Moore,Willis,and or Banta-Cain
    Tory= picked by Clements
    Bruce= picked by Harris
    Donte= a has been, but picked by Spencer
    You got questions, I got answers sweetie!

  32. Sounds like that seatlefan on “frank gores bitch”.SHE or HE must be confused on what NFC WEST TEAM she likes!!!!next month i guess it will be the Arizona Cards.Go cheeze grate your yellow and blue balls on a bed of nails !!!!you shit stain!!!!!!!!

  33. L O L

    R A M

    🙂 (:

    ninas will be 4-17 this year….Oh the 2 extra losses will be when we spank you so bad. VD is no TO because he cant even catch and when he does catch he FUMBLESSSSS

  34. their is actually five extra you dumb ass wow go blow a ram you fag

  35. we must be doing something good. if people who hate on the 49ers and claim we’ll do worse this year than last year take their sweet time to come onto this site and bash on us. are people scuuuurrred????

  36. i cant wait til the monday morning punter comes back!



  39. adam crakerjack will JACK GORE UP!

  40. The LAMBS….come on….ARE YOU SERIOUS. Here is the equation for beating the LAMBS….stack the box and put Nate on Holt and it is OVER. You guys didn’t do much to improve yourselves this offseason. Isn’t one of your starting corners suspended for the first four games? You have a tight end that is terrible….we have Vernon Davis. You gave a 6 year extension to a quarterback that deserves a three….trust me…you guys shot yourselves in the foot with that one. We have one of the best lines in the game….you have Orlando Pace and that is about it. Your defense intimidates NO ONE….we scored major points on you last season with Frank Gore and you guys were stacking the box then. You guys had your day in the sun….see you at the bottom of the NFC West.

  41. Adam Crackhead Carriker wont get of his block!!!Ask Larry Allen!!!!!

  42. Hey lambs dude, the only thing you could say about your team is old ass dudes .how many years has your team been the 49ers bitch .Too many to count huh? GO NINAZ!!!!

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