Bill Walsh Field

During today’s live broadcast of the memorial service for the late Bill Walsh, it was announced that the field the 49ers play on at Candlestick Monster Park, will be called Bill Walsh Field. Monster Park still own rights to the stadium and the name will still be just that, the field however will be named in honor of the Genius…

Source: KTVU


~ by 49ersNews on August 10, 2007.

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  1. OK OK all u 9ers fan talking much shit beacuse you upgraded. washington at one point upgraded their defense–spent a shit load of money and did shit. so what makes you think that just because you spent money on free agents that your team is going to be live. Nate clemass = poor choice to sign. If it were champ bailey then yes but Nate clements career is made by those Linebacker that pressured the QB not to mention that one of those LB was from the RAMS when we won the SB. Who do you have, that is going to pressure the QB. Nate will be left alone with Holt and will get embarrassed. Have you ever saw an 80 million dollar DB smoked? STAY TOON. thats all folks..

    ha ha ha hea hea
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    hea hea hea hea heaa

  2. Who taught this idiot how to spell??

  3. In reply to “RAMS”…

    WOW… Your an absolute moron with no respect what-so-ever. This is a thread talking about an honor that is being shown for the late Bill Walsh, one of the greatest coaches ever and you come into it to bash the 49ers. Man your screwed up… Grow up and get a life.

  4. BurlyD_83, you is an ass. You know very well that people talk about anything in fourms. So if yuo… ooppps…Ryan the 1st— i mispelled that word…. so if you think that this portion of the fourm is about Bill Walsh then why dont you comment about him instead of me.


  5. Bill Walsh once said the Rams weren’t built well enough to compete against the 49ers. That was in the mid 80’s. The Rams are great competitors now and worthy competition. But like you and the rest of America, decided to finally be fans of them in 1999. Remember your history lessons! Here’s one:

    Tell me what Torry Holt did last year against us? Walt Harris and others were tatoo’d to him. Holt is great, better than anyone the 9ers have, but you should “STAY TUNED” into your facts! We have everybody from last year to cover him plus a few better players. And I’m willing to bet Bulger was sacked more in their 2 games then Alex Smith was.

    You’re dam right I’m going to stay tuned! (It’s not stay toon)

  6. Talk about Bill in this thread. RAMS not sure if you are familiar with how the internet works or comment sections, but if you took your head out of your ass long enough you would realize that when someone posts a topic you usually discuss the topic at hand in that section. If I ever add a post/article that says how bad the Rams suck, then you can comment…and BTW WTF is STAY TOON?


  8. Good tribute to BILL WALSH but they should still build a statue of him outside of the new staduim,Hey rams dude, your team is washed up M.BULGER wont be able to throw the ball anywhere or to anybody when he laying flat on his back thanks to our punishing defense.Just wait and see !!! By the way that stay toon shit is fuckin hilarious, GET A LIFE …GO NINAZ

  9. If Bill were to read this thread, he’d more than likely get a kick out of our southern neighbors remarks, consider the source, and move on.

  10. Yeah a statue of Walsh in front of the new stadium would be bitchin. I hope the guys play there heart out on Monday night after the moment of silence.

  11. Why the fuck are you still here, Rams. This is a Niner fan site, not a site where you can discuss how much your pussy hurts.

  12. Your right Scottie G.I cannot freakin wait to see our boyz take the field and on a monday night. Im sure they will play their hearts out after all it is preseason and im sure they all want to be part of something special which is this years team !!!

  13. I am with russ s.c…..why don’t we have a “Why you should never be a lambs fan” thread. THat would be awesome. Scottie G, I like the Walsh statue idea, but I am sure that they are waiting to do that all with the new stadium. THere is one question left because the statue I PROMISE YOU will happen. The big question is will the owners of the stadium sell out to a corporation for the naming rights or will they do the RIGHT THING and name that stadium Bill Walsh Memorial Stadium? If I were a muli-millionaire and money wasn’t a big concern then I would do it and I think it would be wrong if they don’t do it. HE MADE US CHAMPIONS…..and always delivered a good lambs stomping fest EVERTIME they played the lambs.

  14. well said dude

  15. The 49ers wont be the surprize team of this season.Maybe next season after all the new players get use to our systeme.The surprize teams will be the Detroit lions (since that divition sucks anyway and the bears arent the same team as they were last season)and the Cleveland browns this season.AND RYAN THE 1ST …..WELL SAID.I cant wait to see that runningback “CLAYTON”!!I heard on the sporting news that he had a good camp and cant wait to see if it is true.And i cant wait to see how good “Staley”!So when K.Harris gets that first penalty on the FIRST pass play they put “STALEY”in!!And dont forget the real number one first pick”Wildman Willis”!And i dont care if we win this first game or not!I JUST WANT TO SEE SOME SMASHMOUTH 49ERS PLAY FOOTBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Now, given our current status…..we can’t do much more besides hope for a healthy team for the season. After this season is done we will know about things that need to be improved, but I can tell you now (even though everyone who is a true niner fan knows this) that O line is a major concern and then d line is the number two concern. We will lose BY and don’t get me wrong…he IS a stud, but we will be able to replace him (maybe not his locker room presence) through the draft. However, WE ALL need to be routing against the colts because they are our number one pick. Their defense is injured and depleted, but their offense has lost very little of its potency. Larry Allen is going to be hard to replace and (unless Nolan surprises me) we WILL be drafting based on need next draft because o line and d line need fresh bodies and the rest of our team isn’t in need of a MAJOR upgrade. Larry Allen in my opinion is the best o lineman EVER. Also, we are lacking that d lineman that makes other teams say, “Watch out for that guy!” In the 3-4 our linemen eat up space primarily and occupy the linemen while the linebackers get to be the hunting wolves. Lucky for us their names are Lawson, Willis, Banta Cain, and Moore.

  17. Feneca and a pick or two should fix our O line issues. Allen may even play next season from what I’m hearing. I can’t remeber exactly where I heard it, but Allen says he is happy where he is, and he also just equiped his home with state of the art fitness system. He wouldn’t spend money like that on fitness equipment for one season.

  18. I hope you are right, but Allen isn’t exactly poor so the work out system he had placed in his home doesn’t have me fully convinced…no offense. I hope you are right about him coming back for one more year….after that we would be selfish to hold on to him and rish him permanently injuring himself because o line is a high injury risk position. If Allen came back then that would give us the opportunity to draft or sign (which ever way they do it) to more linemen and let Allen teach them how to play dominant and nasty.

  19. a good read about Jason Hill…

    The way I see it our wideout core will be DJAX, Battle, Lelie, Hill, and B. Williams unless Taylor Jacobs pulls some magis because I hear Sullivan is high on him.

  20. I agree with that WR line up. Jacobs is hungry, I can see him making the team. He is a “Nolan Guy”.

  21. Its probably going to be one hell of a slow ass weekend waiting for monday night to get here and see our boyz kick some ass .I heard that the broncos starting D LINE is freakin huge .It will be a good test for our offense. GO NINAZ!!!!

  22. Yea, and they have a pretty nice secondary too. This will be a good test for our offense to see what we can do. Denver got a preview of our offense last year, let’s see how they hang with a much improved WR core. If nothing else, I want to see Smith throw a TD pass.



  25. I also have high expectations for our secondary, I would love to see Cutler throw a pick or two. Being Lawson’s second year, we should see a lot more from him as well. The 3-4 is a perfect fit for our LB’s, they should have a field day. Last year the D did well against bigger running backs, I’m excited to see what they can do against Denver’s Blocking scheme with Henry.

  26. 49 hours and 12 minutes away from Red and Gold! FUCK YEA!

  27. Did anybody see the ceremony friday when they showed Sam Wyche saying when he joined the 49ers staff, before it was called the west coast offense it was call the Bill walsh-49ers offense, you know these coaches is using Bill Walsh offense and having success using it like I mentioned before and it makes me sick how coaches like Andy Reid uses the offense for the pussy eagles and yet you don’t hear him even mention Bill Walsh name more so was he even at the ceremony friday and who the hell named it the west coast offense and gave them the right to call it that?

    I think our new feild should be called Bill Walsh feild if our niners move to santa clara but then again they souldn’t move to santa clara they should stay where they are and fix up because that’s he created history where it is known as Candle Stick Park.

  28. My bad I ment field!

  29. good read…check it out….

    I don’t know if I am the first to say this, but if it comes down to Gilmore vs. Jacobs….then I say keep Jacobs.

  30. r.craig,the reason that fat ball headed heffer wont say anything about Bill Walsh was he was brought up by Mike Holmgren and the eagles wont say anything unless its about a philly cheesesteak or A fake ass rocky movie or how come there is smog over philly 24hours 7 days aweek or how awfull there fans are! thats the only stadium that i know about that has a jail built in it!!!!Buy the way I think that A. Reid runns the norv turner offense like us now!!!!Run,Run,Run then throw a screen pass!where do you think we got it from!!!!!!!

  31. hey man don’t be dissin on rocky

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