Niner Football is Back

The wait is over. In less than ten hours the 49ers take the field in their preseason opener against the Denver Broncos. The game is set to air on ESPN and I for one, can’t wait. Here are some tidbits (from Maiocco) to expect during tonight’s game.

– Starter on both offense and defense are expected to play 15 snaps or the first quarter, whichever comes first.

– The second team will enter in the second quarter. Some might even start the third quarter. The third unit will play most of the third and the entire fourth quarters.

– At running back, Maurice Hicks and Michael Robinson will split the first quarter. Robinson will continue in the second quarter to help out with third downs. Thomas Clayton and Arkee Whitlock will get a lot of action.

– At quarterback, Alex Smith will play with the first unit. Trent Dilfer will play the second. Shaun Hill will play the third and fourth quarters. If the opportunity presents itself, rookie Luke Getsy might get in at the end.

– There will be a moment of silence Monday for Walsh at Candlestick prior to the exhibition opener against the Broncos.


~ by 49ersNews on August 13, 2007.

15 Responses to “Niner Football is Back”

  1. HELL YEAH BABY!!!!!

  2. Yea, the season is back. The way to start is to take Denver. THe preseason doesn’t count but it is really a moral booster. Look at the SD Charges for the Coach first game wasn’t so good.
    GO 49ers

  3. I watched a few minutes of the SD seattle game and it got pretty sloppy.

  4. Finely,A monday night game that i can see in jersey!GOT THE BEERS READY!!!For every time that Jaworski brings up the eagles Me,Larry and Eddie have to take 3 drinks!!!!I want to see”Goldson ” “CLAYTON”, (Jay)”Moore” and “Willis” and”Staley”(basicly the whole rookie class) and see this new 3-4 defense.I guess i cant wait to see if they give Jason Hill some looks tonight too!!!!Now i can finely stop going through football withdraw!

  5. We need our new stadium at Hunters Point. Their’s enough room their for parking, and for a state of the art stadium. The view from hunters point is very good, and most importantly will keep the 49ers were they belong; in the city!

  6. jerry is right baby got the cage ready and its time the only wonderful thing to happen on monday night when the niners are on center stage go niners good luck no injuries please

  7. Hunters Point is an excellent location. I pulled the location up on google earth and that site is huge. I think that John York, and the Mayor Gavin have too much political debates going on. York wants the stadium in Santa Clara, and Gavin wants it in the city! I think York needs to give in once and for all, and give us the stadium us fans diserve! Hunters Point is their, lets take it while it’s available. Whats the problem here? Get it done!

  8. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s see this new group perform!!!!!!!

  9. Not too long before tonights game Fellas! I’ve put my 49ers flag up outside, and I’m ready to cheer on my team. I’m not the favorite person on my street since most of my neigbors are either Texan’s fans, or Cowgirl fans! I’m tired of seeing Fat-Ass Rednecks with Camoflage ball caps and Jacked up Ford trucks! We need to put this part of Middle America back into perspective. We need to make these hillbillies realize what Class, Dignity, and Honor are all about! I hope the 49ers will bring our team back to Glory!

  10. Man! I can’t wait any longer and it is only a preseason game.

  11. danny i know what you mean all day long at work thats what i have been thinking about is the niners

  12. I was watching sportscenter and MR. SMITH (Emmitt) said that Cutler has a better chance than Alex Smith because of Travis Henry. SERIOUSLY…W – T – F!!

    49er haters.

  13. let them hate, but they won’t be able to deny the amount of wins the niners get. WINS speak louder than how much Emmitt Smith complains about the niners. He is just bitter because he knows that the “94” niner team is better than any cowboy theam he played on.

  14. excuse me….team.

  15. Fuck Emmit Smith, He wiil always be jealous. Irvin and E.Smith are the biggest scumbags on that team! they bought into that redneck philosophy!

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