Staley Starting at RT?

According to Matt Mosley on his blog Hashmarks, Rookie Joe Staley is expected to get the start at RT over the soft, benchworthy Kwame Harris. Of course after Mosley listed this in his blog, he updated it to say this:

After reading where I handed the 49ers’ starting right tackle spot to first-round draft choice Joe Staley, a member of the organization gave me a quick call to say that right tackle Kwame Harris is having an outstanding camp.

Of course the 49ers will say that Kwame is having a good camp, it’s not like they’ll come out and say that Kwame is playing like crap. But if this holds true with Staley starting and it stays that way the remainder of the season, this is the best news since we found out Joanie Loves Chachi.


~ by 49ersNews on August 13, 2007.

29 Responses to “Staley Starting at RT?”

  1. hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats what i like to hear!the more i think about it, kwame probley play the second half instead though. GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOO 49ERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great decision, and lets see what Staley can do..GO 49ers tonight and take down Denver……….


  4. This is great news because it shows that Harris is what we expected…..good at run blocking, but horrible at pass protection and all it took to unseat him was to draft Staley and that was a draft pick well spent. Sure, the niners organization isn’t going to say anything bad about him because they are trying to remain classy about the situation, but me being a fan……we just know that he is the weak link on the o line and I hope it has been solved because then we won’t have any more touchdown passes called back or false starts or holding calls by him. That guy KILLED us last year on some GREAT plays.

  5. Its time to dominate in the preseason Mr. Alex Smith,your not a rookie anymore!!!!! Hope he is better on is accuracy this season ,then last season!

  6. Almost GAMETIME!

  7. Defense that first drive sooooooooo far looks like the old the ball up the middle for 11 yards then kill shaunte spencer with the past!!!lets see what Smith can do

  8. Staley isnt starting?W.T.FUCK!!!!!!!!



  11. Im going to be drunk(in 5 minutes) thanks to kwame, he let them get to alex smith and a gave up a quarterback presure ,thanks kwame!!!!and i had to dring for a fieldgoal!!!

  12. drink………..i mean

  13. one touch down got to down a beer!!!!!!

  14. Offense looked damn good on that touchdown drive, and the defense looks like it’s really missing BY and our starting NT.

  15. Alex Smith looked good on that last touchdown drive.

  16. But when is the defense going to wake up!

  17. The 3-4 doesn’t work with sopoga at the nose, he’s not a nose tackle.

  18. The def needs to learn how to tackle. The first string suck out there!

  19. too many missed tackles by the 1st string defense and fuckin’ spencer is playing soft and giving too much of a cushion. but smith looked good … i loved how he went after champ! that clayton looks like he will be a player as well.

  20. i seen that runningback for dever run right threw Mike Lewis/moore.then lawson/cain over ran the run play next .then m.Douglas should have sacked cutler in the beginning.. to many missed tackles!

  21. i got this recorded!!!its offense!!!!i thought i would have seen a better defense!!but its only our first game.

  22. even Damion Ducket looks better than kwame!!!lmao

  23. Damane i ment

  24. i also wonder whos going to get cut this week!!!!!

  25. Our defense was supposed to be our muscle for this year, guess not im embarrased to say that our defense looks the same as last year. The broncs scored on the first drive on our starting D now thats bullshit. But i was impressed by the offense.

  26. Yes, the offense looked great, but they did give up on their QB a few times which concerns me. However, the MISSED TACKLES concern me more.

  27. Oh god the offensive line needs serious work. On the last play where it was 4th down for the niners jason hill propably had like 2 seconds to throw and he still got penetrated.

  28. all right ery one calm down it’s only preseason, this is the first game for the niners in a while, they just a little rusty but luckly it is only preseason and the first game at that, so it may take another game or two for the niners to get into rythem. but believe me when I say this the niners will show up 4 the real games, well maby not kwame but ery 1 else

  29. nolan better go off and they better pull their heads outta their asses and get serious

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