Highlights: 49ers vs Broncos

NFL.com has launched a new website and with it they now have a very nice video section. Seems that they will put video highlights up after each game. So here is the link they came up with for the preseason opener against the Broncos.


Not only that but they also have it where you can watch highlights from games that go back to the 2004 season.

NFL.com Game Highlights – Click the drop down menu for different years


~ by 49ersNews on August 15, 2007.

30 Responses to “Highlights: 49ers vs Broncos”

  1. Nice. I wonder if / how far they will expand it in the future?

  2. It seems like Alex Amith is a more Joe Montana Like Quarteback. Cutler is more mobile like Steve Young. I think Alex has mobility, but at the end accuracy wins Ball games. You can’t always run the ball in whenever you want to. The 81 NFC championship game prooved that. You accuracy and a good receiver. I think that Smith is comfortable in the Pocket know. I think he can run the ball when needed, like Montana. When it all comes down he’ll get the ball down the field. We did’nt get a chance to see this on monday, because he only played one qaurter. So I’m not worried the slightest. Come regular season We’ll be fine! Monday was a test for our backups! Smith the hole game will kick some ass!

  3. I had Many typos, I know Grammer Motherfuckers! I type fast! Give me a break! Not everyone has all the time in the world PreSchoolers!

  4. “Typing fast” is a poor excuse šŸ™‚

  5. It’s just like last years games!!!!First Spencer gets burned then we miss some tackles,people run all over us then on offense (like last season), we go all the way down to the end zone (try pounding it in)and kick a fieldgoal.Alex Smith looks good but we always try to run it into the end zone.And were was V.D.?

  6. This season i picked D.J.as my wide out ,and JOE NEDNEY as my place kicker on my fantacy roster and i have A.Battle as my #3 back up.

  7. i got a hole bunch of Niners to i got gore in two of my leages but man the Niners there first team looked good driving us down to score on both drives are D needs a littel more time together and they be fine i liked what i seen just need to rapup and tackel ya hey NINERS BATTEL OF THE BAY SAN FRAN ALWAYS BEEN BETTER THAN OK LAND RADIERS ARE GOING DOWN PRESEASON OR NOT WE HATE OK LAND SANFRANCISCO ALL THE WAY GO NINERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Does Darrell Jax look sexy on that fiels or what!!!

  9. scoring touchdowns is sexy to me and if he can do that – then yea he looks sexy

  10. Like Nolan has been saying; the D hasn’t really played together for that long. There are new faces in the starting line-up. It will probably take all preseason before they gel. What’s up with Brandon Moore missing tackles though? Nolan didn’t single him out, but he missed several tackles in the first quarter that cost us quite a few yards. Kwa-lame Harris got Alex drilled…surprise! I can’t believe this asshole is going to start for Nolan for the third year in a row! With Nolan always preaching about how our O-line is our foundation; how could he let this dreadlocked turd stay in the starting lineup? Snyder allowed a sack too, but I’d start him in a second over Kwa-lame. Fuck put Staley in, I’ll put up with some rookie mistakes just so I don’t have to waste my breath cursing that retard Harris.

  11. We need another nosetackle just in case Franklin gets injured again durring the regular season if we are going to stick with the 3-4 “D”.

  12. I have a feeling that he will or we will just have to throw Cohen into the lions den. What would you guys do? Go with Cohen or look for a player who gets cut. I would respectfully take Cohen because he is ALREADY HUGE and he is a Nolan guy. Remember niner fans….we WANT THE COLTS TO BE HORRIBLE THIS YEAR. Also, I guarantee that Nolan keeps six receivers, but it will come down to Gilmore or Jacobs getting the big ugly axe…..so who would you choose? I think that there are some questions that Nolan is thinking about and they are…..should I start Willis over Moore or should I go with Moore and Willis…..then he is wondering if Staley is ready to take over for princess kwame? I have come to wonder if he is going to do it anyway at the seasons beginning and is just playing them a lot now to get them used to other teams and the speed of the NFL.

  13. By the way….Alex Smith got some love from NFL live on ESPN because one of the announcers whose name escapes me at the moment said that he was this last weekends most impressive player.

  14. Darrell Jax can score–NO DOUBT so he does look sexy. He caught that pass on champ easily and he look very poised so did Alex.

  15. Jacobs over Gilmore Ryan! I think Jacobs has more upside, more potential.

  16. Whats the fucking use of saying any thing until we can stop the run.

  17. Gilmore looked nice on the kick return though, he is fast as hell!

  18. I have to agree with where’s the D.we hae to worry about the D if we want to win games.

  19. Why is the Monday Night Football crew so awful that Mike Tirico sucks and that guy from pti looks like he is about to fall asleep i wish they would have kept the sunday night broadcast crew what happend to Joe Theisman anyway that Jaws guy stinks Id rather here that generic announcer from Madden 08 ANY1 ELESE AGREE WITH ME?

  20. The PTI guy is the most annoying Guy! They need to replace that crew. Theirs no enthusiasm at all and all the guys are Boring as shit! They sound like a bunch of Zombies. All I saw was Bronco interviews, and having those fucks discuss the Broncos the whole Game. No one Seems to take the 49ers seriously. That will bite them in the ass one day.

  21. I agree 100% and to top it all off Jaws is going to talk about the eagles so much until he pass out just like the game last night he started to talk about Herm Edwards and how he and Herm was playing hard when they was with the eagles and all this bullshit he bring up the eagles in a situation that doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on and all of these guys on this cast is boring as hell that’s one of the reasons why I missed some of the game because I can’t stand to listen to these dude and to think Tony Kornhiser (if I spelled his name right) will be like another Howard Cosell makes me fucking sick PLEASE GET ANOTHER CREW.

  22. I think we should move Vernon Davis to receiver and see how it works. I think he will get more catches and be distructive as a blocker. He will fuck up those Corners & Safetys and his maneuverability is unbelievable! Coach Nolan should experiment with this idea, I think it will be very effective. I think this will make him the best receiver in the league. Vernon will get more catches and no one has seen a beast at receiver like him. Move the fuck over T.O., theirs a new kid in Town!

  23. I’m listening to Jim Rome on the radio and someone called in on the show. Jim is on vacation and he has these guys filling in for him today on his A.M. radio show. One of the guys is the host on Pro Vs Joes.(That Fat Italian guy) A caller called in and said what up with the 49ers. The Host guy said don’t discuss the niners. Then the other guy said he hates anything with gold, and that the 49er would not amount to anything and the Vernon guy out of maryland had a attitude problem, and that Alex Smith would not be that effective of a quarterback. These guys said the only descent player we had is Frank Gore. I’m on Central time on his A.M. radio show. This is the national concensus on our Team. People who talk shit like these guys, don’t have a clue about 49er football. People like this go by what they hear, from a friend or they see all the bad highlights of our team. They never watch 49er football, they don’t give a shit, but yet they state opinions and make takes. All I got to say is, do your homework and watch in detail 49er football. These motherfuckers don’t give us credit because their either Jealous because they are Cowboy fans or the are just going along with the rest national media and just grew up hating the 49ers. People go with popular belief! Bullshit! I’t becoming the popular thing to say about our 49ers! I hope we shock the fuck out of NFL fans. The 49ers we’ll be back, and show the Nation! People we’ll change their tune.

  24. I am happy to announce that I was able to get Vernon Davis as my fantasy tight end, Alex Smith as my back up quarterback, Darrell Jackson as my receiver, and Nedney as my back up kicker. To all of you guys who just heard that post from Terry….it frustrates me too. I am glad to hear it however and I will tell you why. It shows that NO ONE wants to see us come back to power and they also know that we were very aggressive in the offseason. That means they know we have done something right and want to hate. Just wait it out….by mid season they will be singing a different toon.

  25. how can i watch the game on the tvu player? i see its on fox but the tvu doesnt show a fox. let me know you can help out. thanks


  27. Well,again with the rumars!!i just read that Joe Staley and Dave Baas will get some snapps with the first team.But remember someone said about the 49ers vs denver game that Staley was suppost to start last time but didnt.I dont beleave it, until it happens.

  28. Kwame Harris Battles to remain starter.Did anyone else read that on http://www.sf49ers.com?Is it me,or does He definately lacks a mean streak?


  30. you guys all make it happen….

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