49ers vs Raiders

The 49ers take the field for their second preseason game today, against the hated Raiders. For those that aren’t watching the game locally. NFL Network is going to replay the game tonight at 12:00am PST.

John Crumpacker says to pay close attention to the 49ers third offensive series of the game, whether it comes in the first or second quarter. Joe Staley will come in at right tackle and David Baas will come at right guard and play with the starters for a series.

This is important because this will put pressure on Kwame Harris and Justin Smiley two players who aren’t guaranteed jackshit.

Players out for todays game: Bryant Young (back), Aubrayo Franklin (knee), Walt Harris (calf), Frank Gore (hand) and Patrick Estes (ankle).

Also of note when the 49ers open the game with three receivers, Taylor Jacobs will line-up with Darrell Jackson and Arnaz Battle.


~ by 49ersNews on August 18, 2007.

18 Responses to “49ers vs Raiders”

  1. I will beleave it when i see it!!!That just tells you how week our offensiveline is if we cant get someone to take THE PRINCESS KWAME’S PLACE.But i love watching the highlights any way.


  3. Im in southern CA…so if your around me then the game is televised at 7PM on the WB channel……Go NINERS!!!!!

  4. Agreed, pleas have had several days on How To Tackle!!!
    That said, hope Alex continues to be sharp, and let’s see VD get some action and break some tackles.
    I’m more worried about the defense at this point…. but it’s early…let’s start clicking…

  5. Nice English……lol

  6. i live in jersey.so it probley wont be telivised down here.so i will just see the highlights plus the game dont start down here(in jersey) until 10pm.Just like the Arizona game on Monday night.

  7. I don’t think V. Davis will be in the mix to much, he’s solid, Nolan doesn’t want to show the world his magic til opening day. The Cards will be the first to witness the unleashing of V. Davis, especially in the red zone. Bye bye field goals. (Sorry Joe)!

  8. Hey jerry. Our offensive line is weak? It’s the strong point of our team. I guess you don’t follow the niners much. Do some research before you post next time.

  9. Oh ya. Frank gore had 1695 yards rushing behind that weak offensive line.

  10. Adam I agree with you that its the strong point of the team and i have something else to add. Its short so you all should read the paragraph. Talks about gore and the o-line

  11. Whoah our offensive line does suck bro, Larry Allen is good but justin smiley and kwame suck. And dont tell me nothing about getting research ive been a Niner fan all my life!!! why do you think we didnt win last monday cuz kwame let shaun hill get hit for a shitty throw.

  12. dude we are all die hard fans why do people on this site bash so much. I not saying we are amazing but the site said we got 10.4 yards a play on the right side. I bet you cant say you have Niner blood in you so don’t make it sounds like your the “best fan in the world”. I hate Harris and I want staley but I wouldn’t say the o line sucks..and I’m pretty sure Harris wasn’t in the game when Hill was…it was most likely Harvey Dahl.

  13. trust me it was Harris they put the starting line on the last play to build the chance of a hold!!! didn’t happen. i aint bashing or hatin im just saying our O line sux. The only ones that actually block out there are allen and jennings.

  14. thanks

  15. we win!!!!

  16. I agree with you..

  17. did anyone notice brandon moores unbelievable drop-off from last season? he seems to miss every tackle. i hope he gets back to his form of last season when he initiated the 9ers turnaround as the main factor in their three game winning streak. i cant stand the thought of having to see smith yet another season! because if moore continues to suck like this willis and smith will start against arizone.

  18. Nobody said kwame wasn’t good at run blocking. He is. His pass protection is going to get A.Smith killed. Staley is ready now that’s why Kwame lost his job this afternoon. Joe Staley is a rookie and will make mistakes. But he will be alot more consistant than Kwame. Kwame will be a very good backup. We have depth at O-Line,and we have an awesome O-Line.

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