Kwame Finally Benched?


Adam Schefter reported on NFL Network’s Total Access that rookie lineman Joe Staley is to be announced as starting right tackle. Schefter was kind of vague on when the announcement would take place, but he said expect it soon. Which if (prays) comes true, Kwame Harris takes his rightful spot…on the bench.

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~ by 49ersNews on August 23, 2007.

24 Responses to “Kwame Finally Benched?”

  1. AMEN!!

  2. i think kwame should move over to Gaurd where he can be a use for his run blocking skills

  3. I’m feeling that, Kwame does seem to bone us every chance he gets, but he is nice for blocking.

  4. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! its about damn time….now Alex will finally have that extra time to actually throw without getting blind sided from kwames un-blocked man…..good job Joe Staley

  5. YEEESSSSSSSS!!! There is a GOD!!! I think we should flirt with the right guard notion, but otherwise…….sit his butt on the bench and use him as a back up….he still is a GREAT back up.

  6. Fuck Kwa-lame’s stupid ass! Praise the baby Jesus! I could not be happier with the news. This idiot has been costing us yards and touchdowns for years. Sit your dreadlocked, sissy talking, quarterback fucking ass on the bench! I hope he stays there till his contract is up. Can anyone echo, First round bust…the only difference between Kwa-lame and Rashaun Woods is that we let this douchebag start for us the last two years.

  7. Its moments like this that make me want to celebrate. Now for McDonald starting and we will be set.

  8. Sign Smiley please.

  9. I’m not sure I want kwame on the field. At all.

  10. Kwame is what you call a 1st round bust!

  11. Im happy to hear that news but he got rid of his dreadlocks. We should try to trade him to get a extra pick for next years draft.we got Syder still.And we could use Baas or Wragge as a backup at gaurd and center.The only thing we have to worry about this year is is Jennings can stay healthy.

  12. blah blah blah D. Smith is great cause Adam and Phil said so yeah what ever we will see the first game of the season and if he is getting carried five yards trying to make a tackle or has his mullet in the grass cause he missed a tackle or the running back or the fb run right by him cause he is so slow. IF THIS HAPPENS I WANT ALL U DEREK SMITH LOVERS TO CHANGE UR TUNE AND IF HE PLAYS GREAT THEN I WILL CHANGE MINE but we all know that wont happen


  14. just got off work…great fucking news !

    where are all those people who kept sucking kwames dick all year ??? i love you staley !!

    next to be benched…derek smith

  15. For some reason forty49erfan 86 alot of people here love d smith i guess they love the last ranked defense also huh

  16. good he will be a good backup with runblocking skills, smiley will not be resigned unless he accepts a lot less than what hes goin to be asking for. look for this coming draft to look a lot like when when we took synder and co. our line will be in much need with allen, smiley and probably kwame gone too

  17. medford blames D.Smith for our last ranked Defense.I guess the 10 other players on that defense had nothing to do with it. Maybe you should consider that there will be 4-6 new starters on defense and none of their names are D.Smith.

  18. […] Kwame Finally Benched? [image] Adam Schefter reported on NFL Network’s Total Access that rookie lineman Joe Staley is to be announced as […] […]

  19. there is a god

  20. I just had a thought, has Kwame harris ever tried nose gaurd. He doesn’t have lateral speed or footwork, but he does have good strait up speed, size and is strong. And he does have the ability to disrupt an offensive line. And just thinking, a two gap nose guard does just what he does do well. and he may be tall but with his shorter arms he could be a disruptive force for a 3-4 d-line. he’ is stong at the push and can hold guys that are strait up on him so the linebackers can munuever, can you imagine Nolan telling him to gain weight and just push forward to collapse a pocket, I know, I know it’s funny but it seems like he just playing the wrong position

  21. Shit even as a defensive end, he would be the biggest and stongest in the nfl. and tell me it wouldn’t take two guys to block him

  22. you’re all a bunch of fuckin haters…i’d like to see you play in the NFL.

  23. Hey I am not a hater, I am 28, 5 foot 8, 175 pounds and a disabled vet (marines). I wish I had the physical body and talents to play in the nfl. Yes I played in high school and the for the marines. A knee blown twice, 3 concussions, a bad ankle, a dislocating hip, a torn shoulder, a broken jaw, ten disks out in my back and stabbed once but that was in the line of action. I was young stupid and lived without fear, I also played rugby for the marines. I have always loved sports and the 49ers, and have always dreamed of playing for them. and no I was never good enough. I now live on beer, celebrex and flexirol, I tried, what have you done.

  24. Blah blah blah…good for you. All I’m saying is your all on Staley’s dick, and blame one guy for the 49ers losses. Have you seen their defense? I’m a 49ers fan too, but I think Harris is just the scape goat. Does he miss blocks? Yeah, but does Alex Smith make great throws every time? Nah. Do the recievers and backs catch the ball? Nah. Can the defense stop the opposing run and throw plays? Not always. So all you stop hatin on one dude and own up to the fact that the 49ers need to improve in several areas.

    and thanks for your service to the country.

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