Dilfer Almost Saves the Day

The 49ers lose to the Bears by three, 31-28. If it wasn’t for Dilfer and his 4th quarter touchdowns, the 49ers would have left Chicago embarrassed. Well I’m sure they are still embarrassed, mainly for letting Grossman look like an All-Pro. I can’t go into great detail about the game as I watched it on NFL.com. I have to wait until the replay on NFLN tomorrow to watch just how bad the defense was. I guess at this point we just look forward to Gore coming back and hopefully the defense is playing lots of the Vanilla package and they’ll all get on the same page and shutting teams down….


~ by 49ersNews on August 25, 2007.

38 Responses to “Dilfer Almost Saves the Day”

  1. you know what would be cool? a pass rush!

  2. Your not kidding. I don’t care about preseason but come on.

  3. I’m concerned. No pass rush = last year.

  4. You know what else we need?Both,STOP THE RUN AND A PASS RUSH!We arent going to do jack shit this season with out a defense.I knew we should have got a nosetackle in the draft!


  6. And who do you guys think will be our first players cut?

  7. wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf


  9. ICE had a phenomenal game…we don’t need a nose tackle.

  10. Spencer got burned again,Robinson fumbled,and where’s the “D” been?but Patrick Willis and Dilfer were ok. We need a 4-3 defense instead of a 3-4.Iswear to god i felt like i was watching a Mississippi game were Willis was doing all the work.

  11. And where has Manny Lawson been?

  12. And against a cover 2 defense the tight end usually gets open alot we should have opened up the pass instead of run,run,run punt!

  13. dont worry about the Pass Rush guys….you gotta remember that Big BY aka the Motor! Bryant Young is gunna be in there along with Abryo Franklin on opening day not to mention we will have some Blitz Plays that havent been seen yet …..its just preseason …..it dont mean shit….look at the raiders last year they won all 4 preseason games and then had a 2-14 year that just goes to show that Presason is meaningless

  14. i understand that a few players did not play but injures are a part of the game and this is what we would look like if those guys went down for good. The point i;m tring to make is that everyone knows that a pass rush will make your back four that much better. I know its only preseason but Nolan said his before the game this is a game that will tell us were we stand. Another is….. it is a 16 game season not counting the playoffs some weeks will be better than others. It was nice to see Trent come in and hook up with A. Lelie. Another thing is Nolan is a good coach i;m sure he will find a way to lite a fire under his team and we should start the season off i hope in a nice way. Bears yall got dat but keep in mind we are a very young team and we will be around for a long time and we can only get better.

  15. http://www.49erswebzone.com/content/news/view.php?id=10740

  16. Guys, during the first two games I was a little concerned about the defense. A lot of people on here were more concerned than I was. I told them give the D time and they will get better. I am starting to think that I am wrong. Everyone has been saying they didn’t start Young, Franklin so that is why the defense is not playing well. Makes since, but keep in mind that first team D-line and everyone hasn’t played in a single game together! Anyone who has played any organized sport realizes chemistry is huge factor. From what I understand they are not going to play together until the start of the season. So they are going to be “gelling” during the Cards game. You want that chemistry developed at an early stage not starting the season.

  17. I wanted to ask who watched last night game, are they tackling better?

  18. what pisses me off is that our defensive line is so weak and we are running a 3-4 which you can’t do. we have the personnel to run a 3-4 when it comes the the secondary and LB’s but not when it comes to our weak, thin defensive line. aubrayo better get his fat ass in gear otherwise we’ll be picking the top 12 again this year and hopefully take a d lineman. this has nothing to do with our draft b/c willis will be the man for years to come.

  19. also, if we can’t run the 3-4 then we might as well run a 4-3, which we have always done better with. i know our defensive line sucks but we’d have one more guy up there and all 4 of them would not have the gap responsibilities that they have now. they’d only have to cover 1 gap as opposed to 2. and our linebackers would have a hay day with that. but nolan is hell bent on a 3-4 for some reason

  20. [u]Machiavelli’s Weekly Recap[/u]

    I knew that the Bears are a better team than the 9ers, but I didn’t realize that we were this bad. Nolan has a lot of work to do.

    Offense: It’s tough to blame the offense considering that, one, it’s the Bears, and, two, they didn’t have Gore. My biggest complaint was with the playcalling. It was obvious to every armchair coach that running wasn’t working, yet the 49ers ran 2 out of 3 times almost every 3 and out they had in the first half. The biggest problem was with the lack of run blocking. Even Gore needs holes to run through and the line just weren’t creating them. I know it’s the Bears, but they didn’t even have Tommie Harris and at some point the 9ers are going to have to run against even the best teams. Smith, on the plus, side didn’t make any mistakes or force anything. I don’t know if the plays weren’t there or if Smith was too hesitant. This was where they were missing Gore’s out-of-the-backfield receiving skills the most. Remember, Gore was our leading receiver last year. The WRs were destroyed. Did Battle or Jackson even have a catch? Instead Smith had to check down to a RB or Delanie Walker. I’m still not at all impressed with either Robinson or Hicks. Davis didn’t make a appearance, once again, until late in the game and when he did, only for one catch. He did make some nice blocks, though. Either they need to find ways to get the ball into his hands or he needs to work on route-running. On the bright side, pass protection was very good, but it didn’t matter because Smith had nobody to throw to.

    Defense: Defense? Oh, you mean Nate Clements and Patrick Willis. For some reason these were the only guys actually playing, with Manny Lawson every now and again joining in, I assume, out of boredom.
    Once again, they were missing Franklin and BY, but I have news: those guys aren’t so good that they’re going to automatically come in, off of injury, and make this defense good. Franklin was a backup NT and BY is like a hundred years old. The truth is our D-line sucks. The only bright spot was Sopoaga who finally, after three years, started making plays. I will congratulate them for doing a good job against the run. Despite what other people have commented, I thought the defense was solid in this regard.
    Linebackers: Lawson had a few good plays, but he needs to work on his tackling technique. I hate to say it, as a Cal alumn, but Banta-Cain has produced almost no improvement on the pass rush and neither has the 3-4 defense. The one bright spot was Patrick Willis: this guy is a monster. I wasn’t that impressed with him in the last two games, but today he was some kind futuristic tackling machine capable of time travel and teleportation. Come on: Defensive Rookie of the Year? No, we’re talking perennial pro-bowler. I don’t know how many tackles he had, but add about 5 half tackles to that, because he was around every play ganging up on ball carriers and making incredible solo tackles. This is the kind of guy to build a defense around. I’m not crazy enough to compare him to Ray Lewis, but I’ve always said he could be the next Vilma.
    Secondary: At least Clements had a good game. Clements was everywhere…he’s the real deal. Harris, as I’ve told you guys, is too slow to be a starting CB in the NFL (he should really be a Safety) and it showed in this game. We can give him the benefit of the doubt on his first play of the season, where he got burned for 40 yards, but for the rest of the game, he was playing about 10 yards back from the line of scrimmage, clearly scared of Berrian. The Bears only took advantage of this a few times. If they are going to start Harris, Roman is going to have to give him more support. What Harris does bring was demonstrated with the interception: this guy is a playmaker who needs to be on the field…the question is, where? I expected more out of Spencer, I think he should grow into the starting CB with Harris playing Safety, but he didn’t show it tonight. He could turn out to be another Erikson bust. Michael Lewis finally got into the game with some big hits, which was refreshing. In general, the defense got picked apart by Grossman’s deep ball. I don’t understand this, because this is the only throw the Bears make. The Bears offense has 4 plays: run down the middle, throw to TE, fumble the snap, and throw deep. The deep throw is their most dangerous, but the secondary looked completely unprepared for it.

    A note about Dilfer: Apparently he read my criticism of him from last week, because he lit things up and almost won the game. Kudos. I guess he’s better than I thought.

    A note about Nedney: Ok, he had a great season two years ago. Since then, average. Today he missed an extra point. An extra point! I can make an extra point! I don’t care how windy it is.

    A note about Brandon Williams: I was pissed that Williams had that big PR because it will pretty much guarantee him a spot on the team, which I think is unfortunate. He’s not that great of a KR and he can’t play receiver. Gilmore will probably not make the team at his expense.

    A note about Delanie Walker’s number: Is anyone else upset that this guy wears a FBs number (46). I’m always confused when he catches it. It doesn’t help that he looks like a FB.

    A note about Vernon Davis: For a guy with 1 catch a game, Davis appeared pretty arrogant in a post-game interview on the 5th quarter if you guys saw this. So far a lot of hype and not much substance…We’ll see in the regular season. I think the 49ers were limiting their playbook during this game and the entire preseason. Hopefully they’re saving something extra fro Sept. 10th.

  21. NO NO NO NO, guys I just got home from the game. I was up there, it wasn’t that bad. Grossman picked on Harris with the 1st play because Walt has been out with an injury and hasn’t played this preseason yet. Isaac was AWESOME!! And so was DEREK!! Idiot announcer at the stadium couldn’t pronounce Isaacs name right along with a couple other Niners. HE IS STUPID!! He needs hook on Phonics!! I don’t like using the refs as an excuse but they should have had bears uniforms on. These bastards weren’t calling a thing against the bears. It was stupid, the only penalty those bastards had in the 1st half was a celebration penalty. I CLEARLY saw holding on a number of plays against the bears, freaking no calls!! Keith Lewis was definitely held on the long return by Hester. Then they were calling illegal contact on our D when the ball was thrown away from the penalty. And another play they called us on, the ball was uncatchable!! BOGUS!! I also want to mention Michael Lewis was laying the wood down as well as Patrick Willis!! He is definitely going to be Defensive Rookie Of The Year!! If the refs would have watched our game and not playing in the stands, we would have won that game. I still can’t believe the no calls against the carebears!!! One good thing with our offense is urslackers name wasn’t called once on any plays!! That is a good thing when you can take him out of the game!! I’m still not sure what their plan with Vernon is? I don’t think they looked his direction once in the 1st half. Maybe trying to keep our opponents from knowing how we are going to use him, but I would like to see something. I was watching Alex during warmups and his accuracy is getting really good!! He only had one or two bad throws during the game because apparently the bears get to do some illegal contact whenever they want. I forgot when they made that a rule??

  22. That’s a good point from NinersRule that I forgot about. What was with the ghost PI calls? The first drive would have been stopped if not for a ghost call on D. Smith. And what about the holding during the Bears botched punt that they ran for a first down? It was really bizarre. The Bears O-line was holding all over the place. Not once were Bear defenders called for PI although I think there were 3 or 4 such infractions called on the 9ers, all of which were unwarranted. Very odd.

  23. what the fuck is up with spencer???

  24. PLaying man coverage from the slot is a little harder but Spencer is making rookie mistakes. The lack of pass rush really puts a lot of pressure on the secondary to play perfect too. Grossman had all day to drop back, pump fake, check his email and voice messages before letting it rip down the field to a wide open reciever. Seriously, I don’t think he even went through his reads. He had already decided who he was going to throw it to before the snap. In the opening game I would count on seeing multiple blitzes all day. The 3-4 is not meant to be played vanilla and that’s what the Niners have been doing for the most part. Offensively the blueprint is run first and against a team like the Bears that is not likely to work early. We should have stretched the field to start and get that front seven to think about the pass to set up the run(see:Bill Walsh). Especially the linebackers. Best way to handle that great front seven is to take them out of the play and put the pressure on the secondary. That’s exactly what they did to us. Unfortunately we don’t quite have the offensive firepower to do it. If we’re ever going to beat Chicago we’re going to have to build a top 10 defense. We have the pieces for a mid-rank defense but there is still the matter of getting them to play as a unit and that will take time. Hopefully this season will do a lot for that and next year we can just plug in a couple new starters and keep the same group intact. There has been so much turnover on the team so every year it’s just going to take some time to gel.

  25. Nolan didn’t give a damn about winning the game. Throwing only three passes in the first half says he wanted to see the run-blocking and the running against the best defense in the conference. I can see Kwame sitting after this, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clayton move up the charts past Robinson and/or Hicks.

    I have a lot more concerns about the defense, but we won’t know about them until Franklin and Young start playing. I think they’ll be better on defense than what they look, but I’d like to see Brandon Moore on the field more, maybe replace Smith.

  26. I didn’t see the game once again because I’m in philly but like the article said I can’t beleive we let Rex Grossman look like an all pro he can’t do shit against nobody else but gets off against us and like Straighthate said WE NEED A FUCKING PASS RUSH

  27. Can anyone give me a link to 49er injuries? I searched 49er.com and then googled. All I get are injuried from the last game. I want to specifically know what’s wrong with the 1st string D line and others. I do know about Frank Gores hand (I think)

  28. I remember reading here about Franklin here, and and found this from the Santa Rosa Press:
    The 49ers hope Franklin will be available for the season opener after sustaining a partially torn knee ligament Aug. 6. Bryant Young has been nursing a sore back, but is back at practice.

    Any other players injured or a place to find this info?

  29. Okay, Young has a budging disc… but who is the third D line player we’re missing?

    Sights I have marked are:
    Santa Rosa Preess Democrat
    and now Ninercaphell.com (thanks for that!)

  30. ^^we were missing Douglas last game, but he played yesterday.

  31. 49ersparadise.com does a good job of linking to Niners articles.

  32. Thanks for the info guys.

  33. So, what players got the axe today?

  34. well thats what i get for being optimistic…

  35. The 49ers waived four-year veteran LB Roderick Green, second-year WR Marcus Maxwell, first-year players K MacKenzie Hoambrecker, G Nick Steitz, and LB John Syptak and rookies P Ken Parrish, CB Sammy Joseph, FB Steve Dildine, and WR Dominque Zeigler.

  36. The second round of cuts are gonns be tough.

  37. I’m really hope that Nolan cuts Brandon Williams and keeps Bryan Gilmore.

  38. i just skimmed through this, thinking i would like to comment on the defense.. people on here say our run d wasnt good.. uh which game were you watching. at least through the first three quarters our run d was great. the line did a good job of stuffing the holes. Sopo did a great job in the middle. We just got burned in the secondary. Everyone has said for the past two years that our pass rush sucks and that we need a new line… well when you give rex grossman wide open targets (WR’s), where he only needs a couple of seconds to dump it 20 yards down field, then of course we cant get a pass rush on him. I just dont think we came to play.

    Our Offense was a big BLAH…. i’m chalking it up to preseason. i know we would have called a different game plan if it was a reg season game. Alex didnt make any play, but mainly he didnt make major mistakes or errant throws.

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