This Just In…49ers Sucking at Halftime

The 49ers are making Rex Grossman look like a Hall of Fame quarterback. Not sure why, because it’s Grossman we are talking about. I hope Nolan at some point teaches the team how to tackle. Through two quarters there are three bright spots. Walt Harris seems to be back in form, well at least on that interception return. Alex Smith has only thrown one incompletion. Well he’s only thrown it three times and Andy Lee is a punting God.


~ by 49ersNews on August 25, 2007.

23 Responses to “This Just In…49ers Sucking at Halftime”

  1. I know it’s pre-season and the defense isn’t using all their wrinkles but the way Chicago was able to throw the ball at will is alarming. It’s obvious they game-planned for us and exploited some obvious weaknesses. Rex Grossman is a mediocre QB. If they can do this I dread what will happen against Arizona’s three wide receiver sets. Defense has just been horrendous. They looked lost on defense. I can’t really blame the offense they didn’t get many opportunities against a tough defense. This might be good for them to get knocked down a peg before the season starts but I think there is cause for concern with this defense. Hopefully offense can carry us in the early part of the season while the defense tries to gel.

  2. dudes. Thanks for posting during the game. I can’t see the game and I’m dying to know what’s going on. I’ve got it taped though for tomorrow. This doesn’t look good obviously. I’m concerned about the defense too. I know it’s pre-season but I’m seeing a trend here. We’ve got to fix this. This team can contend if we can fix the defense.

  3. Wendell you should google TVUPLAYER you just download the program and its had tons of channels but is funny you click cbs or fox it always takes you to the SF FOX OR SF CBS so you get all the 9er games.

  4. I tried that before but it was too choppy. I should give it another shot it is totally worth it if you can get it to work.

  5. I know it was preseason but we looked really bad. I don’t know what else to say.

  6. Adam you never lie, on both sides of the ball too. We can’t run the ball for shit, and on defense, we might as well not even be on the field. NO PASS RUSH what so ever, the run defense is mediocre at best. (cause i’m a Niner fan, so I give it more credit)And for for all you CLements nut holders, FUCK, whats the deal there? not so quiet tonight!

  7. Run Run Run

    what was that about? Alex didn’t even have a chance

  8. Clements had a good game. From what i read he only had 1 pass caught agianst him. It was Spencer who has been looking like shit. The no pass rush thing is what scares me. I know Nolan isn’t gonna show all his blitz packages but for god sakes. Some QB pressure please!

  9. Preaseason or not we should’ve looked better than that.

  10. didn’t get to see the game but it sounds like this one is on the coaching as much as the players. If your game plan is run, run, run, punt then the game plan worked!! Smith only threw 3 passes by half time?? Was it Harris, Spencer or Clements who was getting burned? where was the pass rush? did we blitz at all?

    If this is the tune up it sounds like we are in for a long year!!!

  11. I havent seen the highlights on this game yet.But the way this defense is playing so far.we might only be a 6-10 team this year.If we cant stop the run it’s going to be a very long season AGAIN.we got to face Willy Parker,Rudi Johnson,Willis McGahee,Jamal Lewis,Warick Dunn,Lester Taylor/Adrian Peterson,Reggie Bush/Deuce McAllister… plus Steven Jackson,Shaun Alexander and Edgerrin James.

  12. does TUVplayer carry fox, cause I only see CBS. I really hope they carry it this season cause I have no other way of watching niner games with the shithawks taking all the tv time up here.

  13. unless the goal was to figure out whether robinson or hicks is the #2 back, i can’t possibly figure out why every series was run, run, run, punt. wouldn’t you at least want smith to get 10 pass plays against the #1 defense in the league? and where’s vernon davis? the passing defense could have done much better, but I’m hoping that comes with time and more reps.

  14. cmon relax… i didnt get to see the game (for starters) but i was listening on the radio and checking stuff on the web.
    At this point as far as the offense goes its pretty clear what nolans mindset is. He knows what he’s got, it’s not like smith is a rookie trying for every valuable minute to learn on the fly.
    -Frank Gore doesnt even suit up of for the game, and alex throws 3 times in the first half.
    do any of you want our qb gettin smacked around in preseason?
    or our nfc rush leader? he already broke his hand!
    –staley clearly is the better pass rush defender– they have been saying that kwame is better at blocking the run. maybe they were trying that theory? in lieu of making staley the STARTER 🙂
    –FINALLY!!! KWAME MADNESS IS OVER! (at least he been drivin me mad–
    little gamesmanship on nolans part maybe keeping our offense at bay? after all

    I almost crapped my pants when i saw Smiths stats. i thought he was injured! GETTIN OUR STUFF KICKED AROUND LIKE THAT IN THE REGULAR SEASON— NO WAY HE ONLY THROWS IT 3 TIMES.. IT WOULD SEEM REDICULOUS!

    DEFENSE: all I can say is WOW! when the radio announcer said OMG the bears might have to punt for the first time! (3rd qtr) OMG!!!!

    i hope they got sometin up their sleeve cuz damn man
    they were gettin rolled
    anyway GO NINERS! listen for the thumps as the bandwagoners hit the dirt and run.

  15. excuses are like assholes we looked very unprofessional opposite new england who looked like conquistidors made for a very frustrating sat night day one is looking bleak against arizona unless… way andy lee looked awesome!

  16. I thinkwe should all calm down about this. Yeah, we lost….but I still don’t think we are opening up our play book. Sure, I would have liked them to beat the bears, but lets handle this situation one game at a time. Remember, we lost to Denver in the preseason and I would easily pick the niners over them at this point. Keep the faith and don’t worry about the band wagon jumpers….who needs them? They will run for New England or the Colts. Simply put, I would rather talk to real niner fans. That being said……WE REALLY NEED TO REANALIZE SHANTAE SPENCER….he isn’t looking that good to me anymore. He looks lost and totally like he doesn’t belong in this league when he is in single coverage.

  17. The comment Bill made even makes me feel even better because if we aren’t even trying to run the offense through Davis or throwing then we OBVIOUSLY aren’t opening up the playbook since that is all I have heard they have been doing at practice. Bring on the CUTS LIST!!!

  18. can we please move terrell brown to 3rd corner spot bench spencer he did the the same shit last nolan please sit this guy down

  19. I know what you are saying Marcus, but Nolan is going to stick to experience. However, I have a feeling that Brown is going to be challenging Spencher this year for the number three spot. Brown seems more decisive, quicker, and aggressive. Furthermore, the biggest thing that is seperating them is Brown is appearing to have better insticts as well.

  20. “excuses are like assholes we looked very unprofessional opposite new england”


    -who the hell played the patriots?

  21. patriots played panthers we had better be ready for arizona cuz i dont want the same ol season where we lose to them again and have an uninspired season-we need a shot of confidence and optimism going forward that a win like this would give our men-niner fan since ’79 not going anywhere but pleeeeeze beat arizona

  22. p.s. patriots are my measuring stick for how a team is built coached and operated at this time excuse me if i offended ne 1

  23. leinart must be crushed and their team subdued

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