About Damned Time

Staley finally named starter.

Head coach Mike Nolan solidified one starting position that was in question late on Tuesday afternoon by naming Joe Staley as the new starting right tackle instead of Kwame Harris.

“Starting positions on our team are earned,” said Nolan. “Nobody is handed a starting role. Just like the linebacker spot with Patrick, this decision had more to do with what Joe has done. Both Joe and Kwame had outstanding camps. It was a very close competition. Joe was more consistent. That is the reason for the decision. Joe earned the starting position based on his production on the football field both in practice and in the games.”


~ by 49ersNews on August 29, 2007.

20 Responses to “About Damned Time”

  1. Bout damn time. Now if only we could have those TDs back Kwame nullified last year, we probably would have been in they playoffs…

  2. I still have nightmares about watching that Kwame Harris Low-Lights video from last season lol….. so this news is Great, hes prob trade bait now but Im not to sure is=f theres a dumb team out there to actually give us something for him…..I guess will see

  3. The most exiting news!!!!!!!!! after the Chicago Game man, I tell you guys , the offense is promising
    but the most questions is our defense……..great players but not making plays???
    A reason to worry???

  4. Gret move on Coach Nolan part. Harris has never been the player that we all thought he would be when drafted. Let him sit and watch a good player play and wants to play. Get Lost Harris

  5. GO NINERS GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank God….this should help keep Alex off of IR…..

  7. Now got 2 good backups(Snyder n Harris) if J.Jennings get injuried now.Now if we could fix this defence we would be in great shape to win some games this season.

  8. Now figure out a place for Brandon Moore to play and I’ll be happy. Let’s hope no one gets hurt tomorrow. In any case, I’m ready for the real season to start.

  9. i agree with ‘jerry’.. harris will be a solid backup. i think it would be foolish to trade him right now. unless there would be a swap with another lineman.. which i doubt. save him in case somebody goes down. i’d hate to get midway through the season and one of our guys go down and could have used harris instead we would sit there with a potential 6th round draft pick in 08 in our hands… kinda pointless

  10. now if we can remember we drafted harris as a left tackle and we all know about jonas jennings injury bug he carries in his jock cup during the season so i think we should start working harris in behing jennings for a back up for now but dam it feels good to know that we can complete drives without false starts

  11. Alright boys, so anyone who knows anything about defenses, or more specifically a 3-4 defense knows that it all starts in the trenches on the line. We need three big badass linemen that eat up blocks. While Sopoaga has done a decent job, we need the experience of Franklin. I think that with B.Y back, and Franklin in the middle along with Douglas our line backing core will be on point.

  12. i agree with self scien.. i think Sopoaga did better than decent this preseason.. i know preseason,, but the o-line and the d-line would be playing with the same intensity as a reg season game.. not like we held back on any d line “schemes” as if they exist

  13. u r joking right?harris backing jennings-no way-u slide staley over or put snyder in-This could be sopoaga’s breakout season finally-i’m worried though about B.Y.-bulging disc will be there all season sucking the wind out of his powerful sails-tank johnson is a viable insurance policy down the road-we need a pass rush bad-if not we r buttered and brown…toast

  14. I think we should pick up Tank and move him to left end. I think he’ll get back on track. Him and B.Y alternating would be awesome.

  15. They will never get tank johnson Nolan only wants character guys on the team look at antonio bryant

  16. But I do agree with Adam we need someone on the left side Douglas isnt cutting it over there id like to see Mcdonald over there.

  17. Hey guys check out the poll question on NFL.com. It asks which quarterback you would rather have in his prime. Guess who most people are picking??? :p

  18. AMEN…now that we all got what we wanted (Kwame on the bench) we can focus on other glaring problems like our “D” or lack of…I know everyone says its pre-season and they need time to gel…but come on we’re a week away from the regular season, they really need to show up against the chargers (pre-season leader w/380yds a game)…P-WILLIS is a beast!!!
    I’ll be there tonight GO NINERS!

  19. Montana at 40%…next closest was at 16%…. Gawd we have it so good for years….

  20. had…

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