And Then There Were 53…

Cut — RB Thomas Clayton, WR Bryan Gilmore, OL Harvey Dahl, OL Damane Duckett, OL Tavares Washington, TE Zac Herold, TE Zachary Hilton, DE Sam Rayburn, S Darnell Bing, LB Colby Bockwoldt, S Vickiel Vaughn, RB Zak Keasey, LB Mark Washington.

Injured reserve — NT Joe Cohen (right knee; torn MCL); LB Jay Moore (high ankle sprain; minimum 6-8 weeks).


~ by 49ersNews on September 1, 2007.

19 Responses to “And Then There Were 53…”

  1. i was hoping never to see brandon williams in a 49er uniform again.DAMN!!

  2. I’m with you on that matt I don’t understand why they cut Thomas Clayton

  3. was saying the Jay Moore’s injury is much more serious. Like he tore his ACL and MCL…not just a high ankle sprain. This is bad because they both would have provided good depth at their positions…now for Monday Night football. Please, God, let Clayton get on the niners practice squad.

  4. Pardon me, the sacbee reported this about them and it still isn’t good. My bad.

  5. damn we need to sign Quintin Moses…that fools a sav pass rusher..fuck Hannibal Navies…

  6. its sad to see bing go. i thought he played pretty well. oh well

  7. I’m surprised Rayburn didn’t make the team. I thought Thomas Clayton definitely showed potential. We’ve got depth this year guys. We cut some good football players.

  8. That article does not say Jay Moore’s injury is more severe. Moore has a high ankle sprain. and is going to be rehabing it atleast half the season b/c of possible muscle damage. thats why he was put on IR. The ACL and MCL are in your knee and have nothing to do with your ankle.
    Its Cohen who tore his acl and mcl as well as spraining his pcl. That is heavy knee damage. Tearing just one of those ligaments is a lengthy rehab but both could have him still rehabing that injury this time next year. All depending how fast his body heals and his work ethic to get back.

  9. Cohen’s injury looked really bad Thursday night. Too bad, but at least he can be hidden on the IR while he heals.

    Liked Bing, liked Clayton. I can only guess that the Niners were practicing short yardage plays whenever Hicks or Robinson got the ball because I didn’t see any bursts of speed. I can’t say that Brandon Williams did anything on camera to win a roster spot. And as much as Taylor Jacobs is a great practice player, I think that Smith interception Thursday was because Jacobs didn’t run his route correctly.

    Not sure of the rules for practice squad players, but I suspect that Clayton and Bing, if they clear waivers, will be back.

  10. So I read on that staley is gonna be startin over kwame

  11. Well, here’s the practice squad from

    The San Francisco 49ers signed eight players to the practice squad on Sunday.

    Signed were: S Darnell Bing, RB Thomas Clayton, T Harvey Dahl, T Damane Duckett, TE Zac Herold, FB Zak Keasey, LB Mark Washington and WR Dominque Zeigler. All eight players went to training camp with the 49ers.

  12. I think we’ve got ourselves a pretty good practice squad. It makes our team better because we have these guys on reserve, as well as better competition in practice. I’m satisfied with those 8.

  13. retardinals picked up the raiders trash

  14. hopefully the retardinals will suck as bad as the raiders did last year then.

  15. I’m glad that Thomas Clayton is still 49er property at least.

  16. Clayton was someone I definitely wanted to come back. Now if we can conquer the injury bug since our team got hit harder than a lot of other teams did during the preseason. We didn’t lose any big names for opening night, but still…our reserves would have been better with Moore and Cohen available to play and learn as well.

  17. clayton looked solid might want to hold to him…

  18. they didn’t drop that other running back frank something? He is garbage! I don’t know how they keep him, I’d rather have T.O. back and at running back than gore!!! GORBAGE STINKS!!!

  19. dude u have no idea wat u r saying……….u obviously dont watch frank gore…..or u would kno that he is a great running back…and will smash All defense….and will smash 2000 yards this year!!

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