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We recently switched to new servers. If you have visited this site through please update your bookmarks/favorites to reflect The new location will give us the opportunity to do more with the site. Sorry for any inconvenience. Also if you subscribe to the newsfeed you’ll have to update that at the new site as well…..thanks


~ by 49ersNews on September 2, 2007.

8 Responses to “Important: Moved to New Servers”

  1. I’m a little concerned about Wide Receiver. I feel like we do not have efficient depth. I think we should try rotating Vernon Davis to Wide Receiver. I think this will make a difference and give us the adequate depth that we need necessary to match up against the elite teams out their. We need to act like Pre-Season never happened, and realize were here to Win, No exceptions. “Losing is unexeptable!” We win now, not later. If our players adopt this philisophy, nothing will stand in their way. They will give it their heart and soul. They will win.

  2. word…NEways i wished we coulda picked up Quentin Moses… and drafted Derek Landri instead of cohen

  3. I just got my Alex Smith Beer Jersey from Burger Kings toy promo….ohhh yeah!!!! lol

  4. what do we have to do to open up with a win opening day? What is it going to take? I say a shit load of preasure on little Matty!

  5. its going to take a lot of pressure on Leinart,and of whole butt load of FRANK GORE!!

  6. I was watching youtube and steve young was on dave letterman in 96. He was saying during the interview theirs two things you don’t say in san francisco, don’t say frisco or you dont mention the Cowboys. He is exactly right. He and the crowd booed when dave mentined the cowboys!

  7. I hope we stomp those hillbillies this year. Hail 49ers!

  8. hell thoes birds are going down GO NINERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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